Emailing Made Easy!

First, let’s establish one thing:

You must use something other than your generic accounts like Gmail, outlook, Hotmail, etc. If you are not using a program that gives you insights and reports about who is opening your mail, what links they click on and so much more – you are not using Email Marketing. You also are risking fines and other unpleasant results if you try to send bulk mail from your generic account. It won’t make it past most servers and will get flagged as spam, too. You also will not have all the important legal requirements in place.

Using a service will free you from all these issues and give you access to professional templates, too!

Plenty of choices. However, here is what I love about Constant Contact:

They are very business friendly and target their program to help the small business owner. To that end, unlike many other email service providers, they have outstanding support. Their US-based call centers are staffed by highly trained and naturally enthusiastic people who go beyond the call – literally – to help. They give free workshops across the nation and work closely with Chambers of Commerce, and SCORE, and other agencies.

With over 75 hours a week of phone support available, they have your back. These dedicated and often specially trained coaches are not just answering your questions – they also ask a lot of questions to make sure you are getting the best results from every email you send. You call them to ask how to download a photo and they ask where you plan to use the photo in your email. Next thing you know they have logged in to your account, made a copy of your email and re-done the entire thing! Just giving you an “example”. Yes, they really do that….all the time. Want to brainstorm about a campaign idea? They love that kind of challenge. Their online support is unmatched! Tutorials, blogs, YouTube videos all about marketing.

Plus, if you want my help, I have something special to offer:

I have a lot of knowledge and training with Constant Contact. I have used it for years and know how to get great results. When you join Constant Contact using my affiliate link, you and I have a special relationship. You may choose to never work with me, but at least in the beginning, I can look over your shoulder occasionally and add in my two cents: “my golden words”.

There are plenty of good companies to choose from, but:

I cannot learn each of the various or even one other program and still be useful to both. To learn the deeper strategies, concepts, and features within Constant Contact and to keep up with all the best practices is, for me, a vital role that I take very seriously. I don’t want to spread myself too far and wide. If you want my best, you need to be using Constant Contact for email marketing. You deserve my expertise. I don’t want to dilute that experience for you.

I not entirely limited:

Whatever email program you use, I can be quite helpful. After all, I co-wrote an e-course! If you are deeply entrenched and totally satisfied with your current email program, I still I have many ways to help with your email marketing and can give you general advice anytime. At the very least, I will happily critique your emails from any source. I am also a great accountability partner and nag. We WILL get you on a regular schedule!

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