Listen Up! It’s the Podcast Every Artist Needs!

Finally! After over five years of blogging, the weekly podcast is alive and caressing the artful souls of listeners. 

I found my “voice”, but this podcast exists to help you find your own voice. A podcast to help you refine your core values, connect with the hearts of your collectors, and find authentic ways to share your creative soul like never before. It’s nestled in a special community intended as a loving sanctuary for artists.

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Three Podcasts to Wet Your Whistle!

This was the FIRST attempt. It’s pretty raw. Published here originally in March 2018, it took nearly a week to create. I get smarter and they get better – I promise! Although I had some great feedback when this first showed up here on my website. Great comments, too! (Gosh, I sure hope for that kind of conversation with every podcast episode!)

This is called: “Lessons from a Seven-Year-Old Artist”


This is Episode Two. You will hear the AHA moments. It took months to get the technical kinks worked out. Lordy, there is still so much to learn about the world of podcasting. But I am on a roll now!

It’s called “The Path Begins”


Episode Three is finally more “in the groove” and the foundation is getting stronger here. You can really feel the difference.

It’s called “The Two Words”


Listen to Episodes Four and Five!

Episode Four is called “The Three Words”  This turned out to be very intense. So be ready to do some soul-searching.  

Episode Five is called “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and it’s a big departure from the first four episodes and has practical tips to use in your marketing efforts. Just in time for you to start planning your strategies for the upcoming important holiday season!

All the weekly podcasts will be found on Patreon! What’s Patreon?

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Yep! The Podcast Lives on Patreon!

“What the heck is Patreon” you may ask?

It’s a very special community I have created and I know you will love it!  Patreon is a cross between a membership site and a crowdfunding site. I explain all the benefits in a video – click here! Whether you just “follow along” or actually join the community, there is a whole world of sharing and caring to be had for as little as a fancy cup of coffee each month (that’s just fifty cents per weekly podcast!) and at each level of support there are incredible opportunities and special gifts that await you. Did I say discounts on my services? Well, yes! There are some big discounts. I will give a lot for just a little.

Oh…! AND every level of contribution will get you this awesome dishwasher safe sticker and so much more!

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Check out the other topics you can look forward to hearing!

What's Love Got To Do With It?

You need to fully embrace the powerful nature of being a creator and what art means to your collectors. This episode shares a story that will stay with you forever.

When Art Is It's Own Brand

I’ll explore the value of the unique expressions instilled in your art. Whimsical or abstract, subtle colors or a neon palette – your art and you must be memorable.

Intentional Sharing

Words take precious time to share and to be understood. What you share must be intentional, purposeful, and have value worthy of the attention of potential collectors.


The Four Dirty Little Words

Long time followers of my blog and those who own the guidebook should be able to rattle these off. I will explore the options and methods to avoid using the Four Dirty Little Words.

The Website Trap

Did you know you are killing sales by having a website? You must have one, but where does it fit in? We will explore ways to keep your website working for you instead of against you.

The Buyer's Journey

If you take the time to understand the three very distinctive stages of the buyer’s journey, you will definitely find more loving homes for your art. This might be a longer episode. It’s so important.

Why Patreon?

Patreon intentionally stimulates creativity and advocates for your role as an Artist

Your voices have always been needed. Today, the world needs more art and more artists to thrive in these tumultuous times. Your vision is needed.

Patreon is a place to grow a deeper community. A place to share your vision, insights, inspirations, and, of course, challenges. (Hey! It might even be a place for you to develop your own patreon page and gather some patrons, too!)

It’s an advertising-free zone. No distractions. No hidden agendas created by endless affiliate links or being followed for weeks with ads wherever you go on the internet.

Patreon is where just you, me, and other artists can hang out and learn how to find more loving homes for more and more art! It’s where artists can have authentic relationships.

Please watch the video. Poke around and learn about the opportunities. Listen to the podcasts! Feel the spirit and join the community. It’s worthy of your time.

“It’s where artists no longer strive to simply survive. It’s a place designed to help you THRIVE!”

Aloha from Mckenna

Aloha from Mckenna

Artist, Podcaster, Blogger, Author, Speaker, and Marketing Therapist to the Art Community


It is my greatest pleasure and sincere desire to help you “Find Loving Homes for Your Art”. By asking for your direct support – for as little as $2 – you can avoid all the “marketing gimmicks” so common in the automated bot-filled noisy (and nosey!) online world. I know you don’t want me to follow you around the internet trying to sell you stuff with pop-up ads just because you landed on this site.

Here’s the thing: I don’t want to use any of those marketing tactics either.

For example: When I recommend a product or service, I never want my bank balance to influence my agenda. My goal is to create a fully authentic community experience.

Therefore, I enthusiastically invite you to Patreon and humbly ask for your support. You can always cancel your monthly donation. You can change your support levels and give me less or more each month in a few clicks. Think of it as a tip jar.

So, if my service at your table feels deserving, you now have a way of showing your appreciation for my five years (and counting!) of free blog posts and other helpful useful information.

Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa! Mckenna