Sharing Gene

How does it feel to know your art is in your collector’s homes or adorning bodies? Perhaps it’s sitting on a mantle, a pedestal, or greeting guests at an entryway?

You know your art is a catalyst to countless moments of undefinable joy and inspiration. You know they love having your art in their lives, forever. It is part of the reason you create in the first place. You want your art to be seen! You want it to find good homes.

This is undeniable: creating and sharing your art is a love fest. YOU are the festival director.

Get comfortable in the role as the “Director of GREAT Experiences” and of guiding admirers of your work to become collectors of your work.

This is easier than you can imagine.

You have a “sharing gene” that you rely on every time you recommend a movie or restaurant.  You are the perfect salesperson whenever you are sharing “good things”.

That’s your natural self. Bring your natural self to your art festivals and art shows.


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