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Mckenna Hallett and LAS have joined forces again! Many of you have taken the E’s of Selling Art Seminar in the past, so you know that selling your art in person can be as easy and natural as sharing a rainbow.  This new publication is like the seminar on steroids! It will transform your relationship to your art and your understanding of what it means to say you are an Artist. It starts to impact you instantly – whether you are a seminar graduate or not!

Do you FREEZE in your tracks when it comes time to (gulp) Ask For The Sale? The E's of Selling Art System is a giant defroster.


There is nothing to fear from the system – this is all about Love. This is you loving them loving your work. In the context of this system, you will NEVER experience being salesy or “closing deals”. This is a LOVE fest and you are the director of the festival!

Stop hitting brick walls. Gain confidence and learn what to do when they say they need to think about it!


Don’t be left scratching your head and wondering what happened. There are some simple steps to incorporate that will quickly move you from “it was so close” to closing sales (almost) by accident. No “pushy selling” moments required! Plus, learn the power of follow-up to complete that “lost” sale in the future. The system gives you tools to turn be-backs into future sales.

If you love recommending a favorite restaurant....


… or love sharing a great movie or book, you are already using some of the principals in the E’s of Selling Art System. With this system, you will quickly learn the simple “Five E’s” to comfortably and authentically share and make more sales.

You are a already a perfect "salesperson" when you are recommending a good book. You share good things naturally, until it's YOUR art you are recommending. This is "E"asily fixed!

The basic principles are "Aha" moments. Nothing here is really "new". You will recognize the human factor and see yourself in virtually everything you learn. You will incorporate YOUR authentic self instantly.

Based on the highly successful seminar, you will be happy to know that the new "E's of Selling Art System" takes the best of the seminar and ignites your innate sharing instincts - instantly! And the inspirational flashcards are designed to encourage you in a glance.

The Lahaina Arts Society Recommends ALL Artists buy this book!

I was thrilled to learn about this publication from Mckenna. I have taken her seminar and it still affects me to this day. I know that selling in face-to-face situations can sometimes be difficult. It can be hard to sell your own work. I have read this book and Mckenna has taken a giant leap forward in sharing the E’s of Selling Art Seminar and turned it into a life-long learning experience.

The Flashcards are the most amazing tool ever. They alone are worth the price. No matter what your selling ability is, you will love these cards!

Make this small investment in your art career. For most of you reading this, just one or two sales will pay for this. And making one or two more sales is easy with this unique publication. It really is a system.

Designed and created exclusively for Artist’s only, by a highly respected and successful Maui Artist, this will change your world.


Amy Fry – CEO, Lahaina Arts Society



The Lahaina Arts Society Proudly Serves the Maui Art Community

“This is a must-read for artists!”

The E’s of Selling Art System is uniquely designed for Artists only, and is a small investment that will pay you back many times over. I’m personally familiar with this In-Person Art Sales System developed by artist Mckenna Hallett, and can honestly say I believe it will bring you instant success at your very next event.

Carolyn Edlund

Author, Coach and Career Strategist to Fine Artists, Artsy Shark

I am a two-time seminar attendee. I am amazed at what Mckenna did with this guidebook. I go through the flashcards at least once during every show and I refer back to the departure checklist after every engagement. This really works. It really feels amazing to not have to sell anymore and yet make more money at shows.

Stephanie Sach

Artist, Stephanie Sachs Fine Art

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Mckenna Hallett

Mckenna Hallett

Artist, Author, Consultant, Sales Trainer, and Cheerleader for the Arts!

Mckenna had her first Art business at the age of 7. She even had two employees. She spent over a decade in high-end sales before moving to Maui in the mid-eighties where she continued to sell collectibles until she started her own art business in 1992.

Now, with over 50 years experience in sales, marketing and managing in the art and collectibles field, Mckenna has personally sold over five million dollars of art and other rarities. As a trainer for 30 years and with her background in public speaking, she has honed the E’s of Selling Seminar over a 30 year period and created the E’s of Selling Art System. It’s like having the ability to go to a seminar 24/7!

This publication is the quintessential collection of hints, tips, and inspiration every artist needs to become financially stable. It’s already add thousands of dollars in sales for artists around the world.

Thank you so much for the E’s of Selling Art Guidebook, Workbook and the Flashcards – which are all FABULOUS!!!! The flashcards are going to help me so much during the next time I show my work – which will be tomorrow!

I did the worksheets years ago when we did the Skype version of the seminar, but with the deeper immersion with this guidebook, I know doing the worksheets again will be a big boost. I love this “system”!

Fiona Purdy

Artist, Fiona Purdy Art

I’ve been immersed in the guide you sent and have been busy filling in the worksheets. It’s just what I needed to give me more confidence and purpose with my face to face interactions with studio visitors which happen on a daily basis. What I really like about your approach is that it’s very affirming of a thoughtful, empathetic way of interacting which is generally a good life skill!

Rebecca Vincent

Artist and Original Printmaker, Rebecca Vincent Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to see results? I have a show very soon!

If you were to just read through the guidebook, it would take a couple of hours. By the end of the guidebook, you will feel your confidence has grown in leaps and bounds! 

Some artists start by reading through the flashcards and find themselves so inspired, they see sales increase right away. But the WORKSHEETS – you must do the worksheets – should take a lifetime to complete!

Overall, this is a “work in progress” learning system. If you are very new to selling, it may take time to incorporate all the elements. Just learning how to rid yourself of the “Four Dirty Little Words” could take some practice! Remember, it took time to hone the skills for your art to be what it is today and more learning is ahead! Honing your skills for better and more authentic engagement with your collectors takes time, too.

Why is this effective for Artists?

If you “hate” the selling part, you will love this system. It helps you experience engagements in a more authentic way. It helps you find yourself, find your own words, and unveils your value as an artist. It DOESN’T use traditional “selling” techniques. It barely uses “techniques!

PLUS: It’s written specifically for Artists who are in actual Art show situations. It’s very detailed and comes from my nearly 25 years of art show selling experience.

How many flashcards are in the set?

There are 24 flashcards on a thick stock to last for many years. Perfect companion at your art shows and other events. Most Artists like to read them at the start of the selling day or throughout an art show between visitors. But some artists tell me they like to read them everyday of the week.

What kinds of statements are in the Flashcards?

Mostly they are a reminder of some of the key principles from the E’s of Selling Art System, but they also are full of inspirational thoughts to keep you motivated at art events. Since they are the same size as a business card, they are very discreet and can even be kept in your pocket and ready to access at any moment!

Flash Card Examples – Be sure to read # 23 – MY FAV!

FAQ’s continued

Do you offer classes or additional instruction?

I have been teaching the E’s of Selling Art for almost 30 years and love to get in front of live audiences! But I also am willing to do individual selling strategy consultations via Skype. Email me if you want more information.

If you are part of an art organization, I can be hired to bring a variety of Artist Only topics and workshops to your group including the E’s of Selling Art and the ever popular, Smart Art Marketing for Online and Offline Sales.

The testimonials make this sound great. Do you offer a refund if I don't get results?

Yes, but only when you show me that you have really done the work. If you do the worksheets and truly embrace the principles of the “Five E’s”, adhere to the “No Visible Business Cards” rule AND have learned to reduce your dependence on the “Four Dirty Little Words”, then it would be very unlikely (impossible?) that you wouldn’t get great benefits.

However, if you are really feeling underwhelmed, I will give you a free one hour consultation ($89 value!) and I will try to help you in a one-to-one meeting. This only happens when I see a fully filled in set of worksheets. You must “do the work” for this system to work. Immersion is key.

There are artists who report that they are getting a deeper connection to their own Art and their artistic journey. They are tapping into a different layer altogether and don’t even care about the additional sales they are making. It’s a very holistic system and has many benefits beyond learning how to sell more Art.

Okay... what the heck are the Four Dirty Little Words?

It’s tempting to tell you to buy the guidebook, but I love to share this hint.

As much as possible, avoid using: I, Me, My, and Mine when you are presenting your work or sharing any information with potential collectors. Learn to use YOU and YOURS as much as possible.

We are all naturally more interested in ourselves and “What’s in it for me”. If people hear I, Me, My, Mine over and over again, they lose interest in YOU because they don’t think you care about THEM.

This single concept, when applied with diligence and incorporated into a

natural and authentic way of conversing, can increase sales instantly.

Limited Time Offer - Save 15%! Don't let a single sale fall through the cracks at your next event!








This limited time offer, is going fast! Get all the tools, the Guidebook, the Worksheets, and the Flashcards and start changing your destiny. 15% off goes away Monday, May 30th at Midnight. SAVE and help support the Lahaina Arts Society at the same time.

The 48 page Guidebook

Take the guide to your art shows in a total stealth mode. There is an extra blank cover to hide the title cover because reviewing the “Departure List” before your next engagement is a must!

The Worksheets

Dive deep. Find YOUR voice. Find your authentic engagement levels. Learn how to be comfortable and comforting quickly in all circumstances.


The Flashcards!

These WORK! 24 totally inspiring reminders of why you and your Art is important. Remain focused and stay in the zone in between clients!

More Testimonials from Artists!

This could make a significant difference at your Very Next Event!

I have been lucky enough to take the seminar and it was a big help and made a lot of difference to my mind-set.

Now the guidebook and flash cards put me into a whole new level with selling my porcelain. It’s important to remember why we are artists and what our art means to those who collect it. It makes it really easy to just ask for the sale, now. Seriously, every artist needs this information.

Curt Stevens

Hand-thrown Porcelain Sgraffito Artist

I had only browsed my copy of the E’s of Selling Guide and intended on reading it the next day when out of the blue, I had a sale! Then I read the guide.

I now realize it would have been a much larger sale had I known to avoid the “Four Dirty Little Words“. This guidebook is such a great tool. The Flashcards are really helpful.

Brad Huck

Fine Artist, Brad Huck Fine Art Studio

Still not sure if this is right for you? Let's chat! Call Mckenna at 808-986-8114 or email me using the link below.

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