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My Golden Words Academy of Small Business Success is Coming

ANNOUNCING: Free Exclusive Charter Membership by Invitation Only

A Limited Time & Limited Memberships Offer
Includes Exclusive Future Offers
By Invitation Only
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Calling All:
Small business owners, entrepreneurs, new start-ups, dreamers, artists, part-timers who hate their full-time jobs, full-timers who want to work less and make more sales, and anyone who wants to be their own boss…. BUT….

You’re Unhinged By:
Technology, an unusable (abandoned!) website, no website, creating a new website, social media confusion, creating online marketing & Facebook ads, email marketing, mobile-friendly technology, content creation, blogging, algorithms, SEO, and well… just about everything you do online that seems to get you nothing in return.

Help is on the way. The MGW Academy of Small Business Success will have an array of courses designed to help you get more traffic and then to convert that traffic to make more sales.

Important: A Free Charter Membership is by invitation only. The last day to sign up for your invitation is Friday, November 11th, 2016.

(OR earlier if I have too many requests!)

Ignore the Beach!

DO this now…

Get your invite!


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Reason one

Why not? You are a click away. There’s no obligation.

Reason two

You might be one of only 12 people chosen for a free lifetime free membership. (Limited to a small group chosen based on a five-question survey and followed by a random drawing.)

Reason three

You can always leave the party if it’s not a good fit…But you won’t get an invitation if you don’t let me know you want one.

So go ahead. Sign up.

It’s about sharing bright ideas

I will give special access to members including exclusive Q & A webinars

Finding Your Lane, Driving Traffic, & Making Sales

There are fast lanes and dead ends. I have terrific road maps.

Guidance you can finally trust.

Get the tools to avoid hidden hazards, costly mistakes, & wasted efforts.

Don't miss this chance to be invited - this could be worth hundreds of dollars.








You won’t be put on any other list or get emails for anything other than MGW Academy News.

And you can always unsubscribe.

Then, get out your “wish” list!

Let’s mark it all “done”!

My Golden Words Academy may not have all the answers, but in the months ahead, as more courses develop, you will have solutions to many of your most common problems – problems that are keeping you from making sales. And finally – you will conquer some of the more complex marketing mysteries, too.

This page and this offer will disappear on (or BEFORE!) Friday, November 11, at Midnight.

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