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Why MGW? Because Every Second Counts!

The internet is a noisy, crowded party! So when someone finally walks across the room to make contact with you, you want to have the best possible encounter, right? Those first few seconds matter.

Someone might be on your site right now and leaving before you finish reading this section. They arrive curious and leave almost instantly. Did you know that over 55% of visitors stay on a page less than 15 seconds?

Let’s slow down your visitors. I use an array of tools and common sense marketing approaches to analyze websites. My recommendations are based on your industry, your personality, and your target audience. I don’t do “generic”.

My goal is to help you speak to your customers and potential customers in a manner and tone that keeps the party going. I will also share basic internet protocols that are vital to gaining attention, trust, and to make sales.

Whether you are an artist, a wedding planner, a financial services company, or a food-truck owner, each of my clients have come to trust My Golden Words.

I will help you find a more authentic voice, and have a more effective web presence.

And it ALWAYS starts with a Free Video Review. Sometimes that’s all you will ever need to change your entire future.

What customers say

Mckenna gave me the basics, helped me set up with Wix, and gave me the confidence to re-do my entire website. Her marketing knowledge was essential.

Susan Klinger


I had resisted dealing with my website, but Mckenna pointed out some very important issues that I knew must be addressed. I am so grateful for her advice and encouragement. She continues to influence my choices any time I add anything to my site.

Rebecca Vincent


Mckenna’s artist-friendly technical guidance along with her deep e-marketing expertise were so valuable and much appreciated. It was money well spent. I recommend anyone who needs a new site or just help with e-marketing contact her.

David Friedman

Artist and Colorist, David Friedman Art

My wife and I had been on Etsy and knew we needed our own site. Mckenna’s insights and her help with Wix made it really simple to jump with both feet into our own domain and real control over our marketing. We can’t recommend her highly enough.

Scott & Sheri Coats

Quality Writing Instruments, Blue Sky Pens

Affordable Options

Thanks for the feedback :)) And thanks for taking the time to help me be better at this, Mckenna. I appreciate it!

Alexis Castillo

Artist and Coach

Mckenna is my mentor. The quick fixes on my website were great. I now have a site I feel good about sending people to and that is priceless. Thanks for all you do for me!

Marlene Sabatina

Jewelry Artist, Feather Heart Studio

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