Another terrific artist took the time to chat with me!

Fine Art Ceramist Patricia Griffin and I explored several topics in this podcast. We explored her transition to becoming a full-time artist. Her transition to opening a public space and becoming a retail shop owner. And we took a journey into her most recent and equally profound career changes. Along the way, you will hear some smart business and marketing concepts and you can easily apply them directly to your art business.

And it is all told, in this quick 45-minute podcast, with the depth and clarity I expected from this very smart and successful artist.

Head’s Up!

You MUST listen to the very end because there is a super-duper marketing tip that shows up that I hope will be the key to your future success. I may have over-used the word brilliant towards the end of the podcast, but that won’t stop me from saying one more time: This woman is BRILLIANT!

Patricia Griffin is a ceramic artist


Three examples of sgraffito created by the master craftsperson Patricia Griffin

Patricia’s undeniable talent will be available for all of us to own very soon! Join her list!


But first, listen and learn.

Whatever your art form, this interview will bring you value and help you “Find Loving Homes for Your Art!”

Then, please share your thoughts below!



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PS: here’s a link to the book we discussed! And click here to visit Patricia’s terrific site!

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