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With over 50 years in retail sales and management, I stand ready to share really helpful products and even more helpful services.

Business and Marketing Consultations

If you are not getting the sales results you need, let’s examine what quick fixes might be available. Set up a free 30 minute exploration appointment.

The "E's of Selling Art System"

This is a 47-page guidebook devoted to helping you find your authentic voice and making “selling” as easy as recommending your favorite restaurant. It’s the quintessential go-to resource and a must-have for any artist who represents their own artwork in person at Art Shows, Open Studio Events, and Gallery Exhibits.

The Artists Only Blog!

This is full of posts entirely based on the “E’s of Selling Art System”. Each is part inspirational and part motivational and 100% helpful for creatives who represent their own art at events like festivals, studio openings, and art exhibits.

The Weekly Podcast

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, the weekly podcast is up and running. Short and sweet, they hover at 15 minutes. Eventually, there will be longer episodes for interviews with significant voices from the art industry. Bonus PDF and other useful downloads often are included.

Free Website Reviews

Is your website bringing in revenue? Are you Google Mobile-Friendly? Is there “marketing mojo” sprinkled in all the right places? I am a “user-tester” for I review websites almost daily. My pricing starts at FREE! 

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Copywriting Services

Sometimes you just don’t quite get their full attention or you aren’t being clear enough. As a result, your website stats, open rates, or “conversion rates” are way below average. Bottom line: You don’t get sales. It’s time for me to help. Even if you don’t know what a conversion rate is, I do and I know what helps increase conversions. It starts with words that work for you instead of against you. Words matter. I will make YOUR words work and keep your authentic voice front and center at the same time.

Got a few words or a lot of words? Set up a free consultation!

TWO Blogs live on this site!

I reach out to artists with an Art Marketing Blog and an Art Selling Blog. As a successful studio artist since 1992, I have empathy for the artist’s unique experiences and I have over 50 years of experience in sales and marketing of small and large businesses. I would love to keep you posted on news, new articles, and other quick tidbits!

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Consultations & Coaching

Do you know what is keeping you from moving forward? Do you know how to grow your sales? Do you need a reality check? Are you wondering if you should do more or less social media? Are you working every angle possible and yet you still don’t see much progress? You are not alone. There are so many moving parts to running a successful business today. Let’s explore some best practices for this ever-changing internet madness.

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The "Find Loving Homes for Your Art" Podcast

This is a weekly podcast designed to help you thrive. It’s based on the “E’s of Selling Art System” and also draws from the hundreds of posts about marketing art as well.

It lives on my Patreon site. Learn more here.

Website Reviews and more!

Your Website is your calling card. It’s your megaphone. It’s your voice online. And if you don’t know the right language, you will set your visitors up for failure.  I am an accredited “User-tester” for Peek and I have done hundreds of quick reviews. I am excited to apply my expertise to your site. I offer different pricing packages including FREE!  I offer a “Very Comprehensive Review.” Or maybe you just want to start from scratch and co-create an amazing and effective website? Note: I only accept a few “Advanced Services Clients” each month. The link includes pricing information.

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Enjoy a few samples from the Art Marketing Blog posted below.

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Do You Need a Value Proposition?

Do You Need a Value Proposition?

While the business schools universally teach their graduates to create strong value propositions for their businesses and their products, artists often ignore the concept. Some don’t know what a value proposition is and don’t know it’s just as essential to their success as with any business. This article explores a checklist of missed opportunities and offers solutions for artists who need to fill the value gap.

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Where Would Frasier Shop?

Where Would Frasier Shop?

What does it take to create objects of art that Frasier can’t resist? What do you need to do with your artful objects to get to an undeniable level of perceived and nearly incomparable value to anyone who sees your work for the first time? Let’s ask some tough questions. Let’s get to some real answers.

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New Rules! Email Gets Serious in EU and Beyond with GDPR (Part One)

New Rules! Email Gets Serious in EU and Beyond with GDPR (Part One)

This is part one of two posts on the subject of the new privacy and consent regulations coming on May 25th, 2018. Yes, you need to read this. Yes, even though the General Data Protection Regulations are being enacted in Europe, you might have someone from Europe land on your site and or join your email list and that means you are now in charge of their “data” and you must follow these new rules. It’s a small world afterall!

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