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Well, well, well. A series of clicks found me re-visiting an amazing talk by Seth Godin. It’s from December of 2017, but it’s still so relevant today. And, it will be just as relevant two or twenty years from now. Its impact cannot be overstated.


Watching the YouTube video again, I was overwhelmed with a new sense of MY purpose. I found myself thinking of all the artists I have helped, mentored, coached, and hugged (real and virtually) over the years.


And I was reminded that I am a cheerleader and an optimist. I really believe that art changes people’s lives.


So this podcast is my “response” to Seth. I can sum it up: Art Matters. Artists Matter.


But the big takeaway for me is: I matter to artists.




Yep! I am boldly filling this week’s podcast with extra Aloha and even more ways to Find Loving Homes for Your Art. I do this by believing in “My Golden Words” and remembering all the artists I have made a difference for.


Please listen and then bring your thoughts to the comments. Is there more that I can do? What more would you like from me? Have I helped you? In what ways?


Please share your stories!



As promised here is the link to Seth Godin’s amazing talk

(I left out the fact that he is very funny and you will LOL more than a few times watching him!)


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