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Here’s the Interview by Connie Mettler.

Be Totally Inspired by Mckenna Hallett’s Motivational Insights While Creating in Your Studio Today!

This interview is worth every minute. There are nuggets in here that are 24K solid gold for helping artists sell more art or, as Mckenna says, “find loving homes for your art”. She is captivating.

And having read the guidebook, I thoroughly recommend it. If you are doing in-person sales, this can ONLY help you. Mckenna has been selling art for many decades. The system she shares shows us a whole new attitude. Her passion is obvious in the interview and her loving approach flows through every page of the guidebook!

If you don’t have time to listen to the interview, then just buy the guidebook. It will make a big difference at your very next event.

Connie Mettler

Owner at Art Fair Insiders and Art Fair Calendar, Art Fair Insiders

Tips, Hints, and other Hugs for Artists Selling Face-to-Face!

by Art Fair Insiders with Connie Mettler | Inspirational Interview with Mckenna Hallett about the E's of Selling Art System

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Take time to align your art and heart and find out what love’s got to do with it!

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Or check out this video that says is all!

The E’s of Selling Art System is uniquely designed for Artists only and is a small investment that will pay you back many times over. I’m personally familiar with this In-Person Art Sales System developed by artist Mckenna Hallett, and can honestly say I believe it will bring you instant success at your very next event.

Carolyn Edlund

Author, Coach and Career Strategist to Fine Artists, Artsy Shark

I had only browsed my copy of the E’s of Selling Guide and intended on reading it the next day when out of the blue, I had a sale! Then I read the guide.

I now realize it would have been a much larger sale had I known to avoid the “Four Dirty Little Words“. This guidebook is such a great tool. The Flashcards are really helpful.

Brad Huck

Fine Artist

I felt compelled to write you another testimonial.  Please share wherever and however so artists will see this.

I sell my art at many events. I go in phases where after I set up I read McKenna’s card pack and the exit check list. Sometimes they are immediately helpful, some days are just slow or I am uninspired and the cards perk me up.  

I have probably read those cards 40-50 times. And I often think, do I really need to remind myself of these ideas?  Then at a recent event a man and I were discussing the purchase of one of my paintings and although he truly wanted the painting he was scared. As he talked to me about other types of purchases he has made one of McKenna’s cards literally flashed before my eyes….

“People shift their spending priorities all the time. When your art speaks to them…they will find the money.”

It suddenly became easy and fluid for me to engage with this man who did shortly afterwards buy his first original work of art which will grace his life for many years to come.  

Without reading those flash cards over and over, even when they did not seem to affect my immediate sales, the ease and confidence I felt in this sale would not have happened.

Thank you McKenna.  

Stephanie Sachs

Fine Artist, Stephanie Sachs Fine Art

I’ve been immersed in the guide you sent and have been busy filling in the worksheets. It’s just what I needed to give me more confidence and purpose with my face to face interactions with studio visitors which happen on a daily basis. What I really like about your approach is that it’s very affirming of a thoughtful, empathetic way of interacting which is generally a good life skill!

Rebecca Vincent

Artist and Original Printmaker, Rebecca Vincent Artist

Mckenna has deep wisdom to share. This is not just another book of sales techniques, the Es of Selling System creates a 180 degree shift in the relationship between you, your art, and your collectors. If you want to make a living as an artist, you must have this book.

Sheri Levin McNerthney

Fiber Artist

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