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For over five years, I have posted at least every other week. For nearly two years, I posted every week as I rotated between two different blogs on this site. That’s a lot of “my golden words!”   To simplify your search for the most relevant posts, I have gathered some of the most important subjects on this page. The goal is to help you “Find Loving Homes for Your Art.”


Here you will find twelve posts that will guide you to:

  • Build a better website
  • Create effective emails
  • Become a better marketer
  • Understand what your buyer really needs
  • Build a more trusting relationship
  • And much more…

HOT TIP: Take time to read the comments. Often, I put an equal amount of effort and information in the comments as in the original article and readers add some amazing ideas, too! Feel free to add to the comments, too!

Each post is a five to seven-minute read. However, the information could lead to some major rethinking.

Be ready to take some notes and be prepared to make changes in your business!


Do You Need a Value Proposition?

While the business schools universally teach their graduates to create strong value propositions for their businesses and their products, artists often ignore the concept. Some don’t know what a value proposition is and don’t know it’s just as essential to their success as with any business. This article explores a checklist of missed opportunities and offers solutions for artists who need to fill the value gap.

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Where Would Frasier Shop?

What does it take to create objects of art that Frasier can’t resist? What do you need to do with your artful objects to get to an undeniable level of perceived and nearly incomparable value to anyone who sees your work for the first time? Let’s ask some tough questions. Let’s get to some real answers.

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New Rules! Email Gets Serious in EU and Beyond with GDPR (Part One)

This is part one of two posts on the subject of the new privacy and consent regulations coming on May 25th, 2018. Yes, you need to read this. Yes, even though the General Data Protection Regulations are being enacted in Europe, you might have someone from Europe land on your site and or join your email list and that means you are now in charge of their “data” and you must follow these new rules. It’s a small world afterall!

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Lessons from a Seven Year Old Artist

Am I ready for prime time? Nope!But that has never stopped me before!Aloha faithful readers. I am excited to announce that I have become a little techier. Finally, I have created a podcast! This first one (hours that turned into days of learning...

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Are you sharing too little or too much news?

Today, let’s learn a lesson from Goldilocks. She wanted things to be “just right”. And like the famous porridge, your marketing efforts need to be just right. Not too hot and not too cold. It might be hit or miss, but in this article, you will learn how to be a hit more than a miss with some invaluable tips.

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360 Excuses for Sending an Email

Surely most of the world celebrates the New Year – even if it’s not on January 1st. In the US, we celebrate a dozen or so Federal Holidays and then there are occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. But what about “Lost Sock Memorial Day”? And surely you want to celebrate “Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day”? This is just two of over 360 whacky holidays in a list I am sharing for free! Curated for Maximum Fun!

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Is It Time to Raise Your Prices?

When was the last time you raised your prices? For some reading this the answer is never. For some of you, the answer is, "I am thinking about lowering them!" (Ouch) I am on the email list of many of my clients and many other artists. And I have noticed a dreadful...

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5 Questions You Must Answer for Success

The Five Questions bring up important issues for any small business. Use this as an exercise. It’s worth doing once a year. Or even more often. Get out a piece of paper and pencil (if you still use them?) and lets’ get to work.

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The Three Stages of the Buyer’s Journey

To make more sales, we all need to understand the three stages every buyer goes through in order to say “yes”. It’s human nature to resist, but that same human nature can be over-ridden when we recognize and acknowledge the “Buyer’s Journey”. Do you have the right tools, skills, and understanding needed to help your buyers navigate their emotions and avoid the “flight or fight” instincts?

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Landing Page VS Sales Page – which one do you need to use?

You just spent good money on an ad in Facebook or put out an email alert to your followers announcing something exciting. Was it a new piece? Was it an invite to your next show? Whatever you are trying to “sell”, you can’t avoid the most powerful campaign strategies: Creating a place on your website for details. So do you need a Landing Page or a Sales Page? This article breaks it all down and more.

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Understanding “Opportunity Cost”

The principles behind “Opportunity Cost” are reviewed and explained in this article. It’s a very simple concept, but it also can be deeply nuanced. It’s the most important key to helping you make decisions that will give you the best opportunities for the highest profits. It’s valuable to every single small business owner – including artists. In fact, it might be especially valuable to artists!

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