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This first group loves my new E’s of Selling Art Guidebook and Flashcards….

It’s 47 Pages of Attitude Adjustment Including In-depth Worksheets

Plus a set of 24 flashcards to start your day on the right note. There are two back covers, so if you choose to bring the guide to a show, it will be blank on both sides. For Artist Only! There is nothing else like this on the market.

Bottom line: Selling using the E’s of Selling Art System makes it “E”asy. As easy as it is to recommend a movie or a favorite restaurant. We are all perfect “salespeople” when we are sharing a good thing! Your ART is a GREAT thing!

Every page of Mckenna’s guidebook is full of gems. They speak directly to me as an artist and it has helped me become more comfortable with the selling process.

The flashcards are a great way to start my day at an event, reminding me of my purpose and attitude. Her “system” has made for a much greater emotional connection to my collectors. Thank-you, Mckenna.

Stephanie Sachs

Fine Artist, Stephanie Sachs Fine Art

I’ve been immersed in the guide you sent and have been busy filling in the worksheets. It’s just what I needed to give me more confidence and purpose with my face to face interactions with studio visitors which happen on a daily basis. What I really like about your approach is that it’s very affirming of a thoughtful, empathetic way of interacting which is generally a good life skill!

Rebecca Vincent

Artist and Original Printmaker, Rebecca Vincent Artist

I had only browsed my copy of the E’s of Selling Guide and intended on reading it the next day when out of the blue, I had a sale! Then I read the guide.

I now realize it would have been a much larger sale had I known to avoid the “Four Dirty Little Words“. This guidebook is such a great tool. The Flashcards are really helpful.

Brad Huck

Fine Artist

I have been lucky enough to take the seminar and it was a big help and made a lot of difference to my mind-set.

Now the guidebook and flash cards put me into a whole new level with selling my porcelain. It’s important to remember why we are artists and what our art means to those who collect it. It makes it really easy to just ask for the sale, now. Seriously, every artist needs this information.

Curt Stevens

Hand-thrown Porcelain Sgraffito Artist

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My Golden Words help the the RIGHT words out

I live in a thesaurus, so you don’t have to!

Mckenna’s Golden Words are more like Platinum. She is a gifted writer who knows how to put the punches in the right spots. I use her for so many situations. She can be trusted to get the words written and ready for primetime and always meets deadlines.  Stephanie Sachs – fine artist and fashion designer.

I have never been satisfied with my own attempts to write about my business. I never liked my business card. I needed hang-tags and had been putting that off for months. Mckenna put me in the best light ever with her uncanny way of capturing my whole being. She nailed it. I should have hired her years ago. Curt Stevens – Sgraffito Artist in Fine Porcelain

I know I want my jewelry business to expand and feel so fortunate to have had Mckenna’s guidance. She is spot on with her advice and it’s really making a difference for me. I want to expand into more wholesale and now I am comfortable doing that.  Marlene Sabatina – Featherheart Studio

We learned that it’s not about us. Mckenna rewrote our about page and it just makes more sense now. She somehow made it all about the reader and it’s much more marketing savvy, too. She also helped us with a website review. She’s really on point.  Marty Hulsebos – Fine Art Photography

I know that Mckenna will give me honest feed-back and that’s what makes her special to me. She knows what needs fixing and what doesn’t need fixing. She has saved me so much grief. Fiona Purdy – Fine Art Pet Portraits



Next up – testimonials about my Live Teaching Sessions

e's of selling art logo for pay pal“E’s of Selling Art” Shared in Seminars, “E’s Droppping”, and Skype

When I think of how much I learned about engaging people and getting my message understood from my first time – then second time – with the E’s Dropping program I was thrilled to be able to attend her seminar. Icing on the cake. She puts it into a completely different perspective and I am still learning with her worksheets. The worksheets alone are fabulous, but her presentation is so much fun to watch. I would do it again and again. Emi Azeka – Milliner

I took her course several years ago and recently took it again. Everyone can benefit from a repeat of this info. I found myself nodding in agreement constantly as she would point out such basic things that somehow we usually don’t think about when it comes selling. But she’s so right – it just like telling someone about anything we want to share, like a good book or anything. I highly recommend every artist who is representing their own work to the public to take this course!  Jake Bonnell – Sculptor in Stone and Wood.

Mckenna changed my life. Her “sales training” is not what you think. It’s on a very special level. I know it will sound strange, but I learned that I was already a perfect “salesperson” every time I wanted to share something important with someone. And now I can share my art with the same passion that I share and recommend a good movie or favorite restaurant. I was never comfortable with selling my work, but now I know how to share my passion with total confidence and purpose. And as Mckenna always says: “your art deserves to find good homes and your collectors deserve to be given that opportunity.”  With her E’s of Selling course and wise guidance, I now make that happen much more frequently and always with intention and love.  Fiona Purdy – Portraits of  Cherished Pets

I was so pleased that I could take Mckenna’s course a second time when she was part of the Arts Business Institute’s 2 day workshop on Maui recently. It had just been a few months ago that I took it for the first time and I didn’t think it would affect me so deeply again, but… she’s so good – so real – and her information is so important that I was just as moved this time as before. Maybe even more moved – like watching a great movie the second time and getting the nuances floating to the surface. Mckenna’s course is amazing. I would take it again tomorrow. Stephanie Sachs – Fashion Designer

Mckenna, your selling presentation is totally inspiring and validates me as an artist.  You have an amazing ability to see situations artists confront when selling their work, and you offer easy to implement heart centered strategies to overcome selling challenges!  It has truly been a blessing to work with you and to receive your nurturing attention.  I got so much out of your seminar and your consultation, I will definitely recommend it to other artists.  Thank you so very much for being part of my success!  With love, Jeka Lambert – Jewelry Artist


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