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New Rules! Email Gets Serious in EU and Beyond with GDPR (Part One)

This is part one of two posts on the subject of the new privacy and consent regulations coming on May 25th, 2018. Yes, you need to read this. Yes, even though the General Data Protection Regulations are being enacted in Europe, you might have someone from Europe land on your site and or join your email list and that means you are now in charge of their “data” and you must follow these new rules. It’s a small world afterall!

Giving free gifts to your buyers after the sale is great mojo making

Do You Have the Surprise Element?

Loyalty is a priceless commodity. One of the easiest ways to encourage loyalty is by creating the “Wow Factor”. And loyalty is paramount for being successful against the competition you are facing every day. In this article, I share my own experience with a company that went above and beyond. I also challenge you with five questions to spur your own ideas for creating a Wow Factor experience for your collectors.

Lessons from a seven year old artist

Lessons from a Seven Year Old Artist

Am I ready for prime time? Nope! But...
Alexander Graham Bell was curious

One Hundred and Forty-Two Years Ago Today

This post twists and turns and takes you on a small journey. While it is celebrating a very important invention, it further serves to help you be more adventurous and clever in your bigger journey. And, it’s got some great tips to help you easily communicate with your fans and community. It is yet another quick and helpful article.

social media is not social anymore

Marketing “Patterns” That Work Against Us

It’s the wild west out there. And now that Facebook is taking steps to rein in the horses and try to contain some of the unruly elements, your business page is vulnerable and might become useless. But wait! You just heard about a new expert who can make it all work. Let’s look at this ancient marketing pattern and save you some money.

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The world needs your art

The Final Post (for a little while)

As I sign-off for a brief hiatus, I leave my artist community to ponder their awesomeness and their responsibilities to humanity-at-large. You are definitely not selling a commodity. This post will set you on fire, increase your self-worth, and give you the confidence to find homes for your art.

Slow Everything Down

Part Four: Slow Everything Down, Regroup, Breathe

There is a long list of do’s and don’ts that need your attention and patience as a presentation moves from the Awareness Stage, to the Consideration Stage, and finally to the Decision Stage. Sometimes the decision is made to put off making a decision. But nothing is final. Nothing is going to happen or not going to happen unless you are actively involved in every bit of this moment of indecision. Let’s examine that list of things to do in detail at this critical junction.

Being agreeable is your only job when you hear the Six Dreaded Words.

Be Agreeable

There is nothing more important than being agreeable. When they say they need to think about it (The Dreaded Six Words) you must not become panicky, show disappointment, lose faith, or drop your card in their hand and scoot them off. Just be agreeable. This article will help you with this easy, but not simple, skill set.

Why they should buy your art

Do you know why they should buy your art?

Sometimes we lose track of the obvious. We get all up into the big stuff and forget the small stuff – like why someone would WANT to buy our art. If you can give yourself a nice list of why owning your art is important, you are more likely to pursue finding homes for your art. I have a list!

When it goes from yes to I need to think about it, don't panic.

The Six Dreaded Words

The Six Dreaded Words can be the moment of truth for many of us. If you don’t know what to do and what to say when faced with a premature end to a presentation of your art, this is one of a series of articles that will help you. Let’s explore this important subject!

“Mckenna has real marketing skills. She brought her knowledge to bear when we co-authored an E-course. When artists want to increase their skills with email marketing, this is the definitive publication. “The Artsy Shark Success Guide to Email Marketing for Artists”** was deeply reliant on Mckenna’s expertise.

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Carolyn Edlund

Gallery Owner, Blogger, Consultant, and Art Career Expert, Artsy Shark Gallery

She creates the most wonderful and appropriate emails for my peaceful cast bronze monk series and I get sales! She’s invaluable. My business is growing. She’s one smart marketer.

Marylyn Holland

Scupltor in Clay and Bronze, Marylyn Holland Designs

I trust her instincts and marketing sense. She has written entire emails for me that have made real money for me. She is a trusted advisor and her blogs are really helpful, too.

Stephanie Sachs

Fashion Designer & Fine Artist, Precious and Primitive

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