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Do you wish you had a magic wand so people would just find you, love your art, and buy your art? Do you wonder if your website is doing the job it needs to do? Does “Marketing” sometimes feel like a foreign word? Are you putting off doing marketing because you don’t know if you can be effective? Do you have a cold email list? Are you fed up with Facebook?

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Welcome to the Weekly Podcast!

Each episode is short and full of inspiration and important takeaways that every artist will want to hear. There are also occasional in-depth conversations with artists or industry specialists. But the best part is this is where PDF’s, checklists, and other useful info will show up from time to time. I look forward to growing this community!

Is Your Art For Sale? EP 39

Is Your Art For Sale? EP 39

I am shocked at how many artists and makers are wasting precious time on social media and not actively letting their followers know that their work is for sale.

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The Art Selling Blog

You will find many dozens of articles to inspire you. They will set you on a path to mindful sharing and natural instinctual selling. They will help you find your authentic voice and selling your art becomes as natural as recommending your favorite book or restaurant. They were and still are the inspiration for the podcast. They are based on the “E’s of Selling Art System – Guidebook, Worksheets, and Indespensible Flashcards” which every artist should own, especially if you do live presentations at shows, your studio, or art openings.

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The Marketing Blog

Five years and counting, the Marketing Articles include more than 200,000 words filled with information that any business can put to good use. In more recent times, I specifically help artists with the unique challenges faced in their marketing. The Curated Collection is a good starting point for anyone. Join my list and get an alert when the newest articles are published.

 Selected Testimonials

Mckenna has real marketing skills - especially email marketing. Her insights into selling art both online and offline are very valuable to the art community.

Carolyn Edlund – Owner, Blogger & Art Career Consultant @

I never miss reading her blogs. I find her point-of-view to be enlightening, encouraging, and energizing. And very helpful, too.

Rebecca Vincent – Fine Art Printmaker

I know that Mckenna will give me honest feed-back and that’s what makes her special to me. She knows what needs fixing and what doesn’t need fixing. She has saved me so much grief

Fiona Purdy – Fine Art Pet Portraits

My sales have continued to grow with the help of Mckenna's terrific guidebook. If you do any face-to-face selling it is a must have tool.

Stephanie Sacks – Fine Artist

Mckenna is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to her business consulting skills. She has helped me immensely to launch my hand-crafted business. I would be nowhere without her.

Scott Coats – Artisan Pen Maker

Thanks so much for all your help with my emails. Every time we hit send, I have a very nice payday. Your words are truly golden.

Marylyn Holland – Sculptor and Ceramist 

Three Most Recent Podcast Episodes

Is Your Art For Sale? EP 39

Is Your Art For Sale? EP 39

I am shocked at how many artists and makers are wasting precious time on social media and not actively letting their followers know that their work is for sale.

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The Five Words EP 38

The Five Words EP 38

In this week’s podcast, just 17 minutes long, you are going to get the secret sauce: the ingredients AND the recipe that I rarely share. These Five Words are the key teachings of my guidebook.

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Money, Money, Money…MONEY! EP 37

Money, Money, Money…MONEY! EP 37

Is money actually the root of all evil? Artists seem to have a more difficult time pricing for a decent livelihood then other business owners. Partly because it’s harder to understand the “true value” we create and partly because there is such a vast array of pricing in the arts and crafts industry. What are your widgets “worth”? And what is the danger of underpricing? Let’s explore, shall we?

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