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Google is getting tougher on email rules

Goggle’s Rules Continue to Rule

Did you know that your emails sent from...
The Art Marketing Blog
Don't anger Google with keyword stuffing.

Stuffing is for Turkeys, not Websites.

It’s hard to believe that this is even a topic, but somehow the message is still not fully circulated. I keep finding examples and the results of stuffing can be devastating for search engine results.

The Art Marketing Blog
Fine Photography by Hoach Le Dinh

Finding a New Path

It’s clear to me. I have been on a bit of a detour, but I am now on the path. It’s a path that I thought would be too specific and not lead me to enough opportunity. But I was wrong. Come and explore this new path with me. Travel along and let’s help each other navigate the fertile valleys, the breathless peaks, and the icy river crossings.

The Art Marketing Blog

Tis’ Always the Season to be Blogging

It happened again. My phone rang and the person...
The Art Marketing Blog
Email Marketing in the New World - the power of the inbox

The Power of the Inbox. Email Marketing 101 & 201 for 2017

It’s been almost two years since I have concentrated on email marketing in my blog. I make mention here and there in many of my posts, but I realized that I haven’t really put my significant knowledge base out for consumption for a very long time. And I can’t think of another subject that is more important as we head into this New Year.

The Art Marketing Blog

Art Selling Articles

Find your Authentic Voice & Find Homes for your Art.

Face-to-Face Selling Made “E’asy”

Find out what “Love’s got to do with it”!

Selling Art starts with creating trust.

Aren’t You Curious?

Your job, when showing your art in a face-to-face situation, is to instill a comradery. Your goal is to find more homes for you artful creations. That requires you to find out what a viewer is liking (or not liking!) and help them hone their interests in your work. The easiest way to get to their core feelings is to be curious. The examples in this article with help you gain more trust.

From The E's of Selling Art Blog
It's always an emergency when you are selling art.

911 – What’s Your Emergency?

There is a multitude of ways to let the air out of the balloon. The best is to create a slow leak. But when someone needs to “think about it” you certainly need to keep the “sharp objects” as far away from that balloon as possible. Here are some tips that will help in the here and now – the critical moments of final decisions.

From The E's of Selling Art Blog
From the principles of the E's of Selling Art System

Why Do You Create?

This is an “exercise” that can be done anywhere at anytime. It can take just seconds and it can transform you. It is a simple, but time-tested way to capture your authentic self. It’s a task that should become a daily habit.

From The E's of Selling Art Blog
The loudest vs quietest or largest or smallest

Loudest vs Quietest

What exactly is someone purchasing from you? Are you giving them what they need to “feel” satisfied by their purchase? Let’s look at the elephant in the room, shall we? Let’s look at the motivation behind every purchase.

From The E's of Selling Art Blog
Using your website to avoid closing a sale is costly.

The Website Trap

They really believe they will go home and buy from you online. They really believe that when they measure the wall or buy that new piece of furniture, they will have the perfect spot for your art. And you encourage them to go to your website. And they really are excited and really believe that they will do just that. Do they?

From The E's of Selling Art Blog

“Mckenna has real marketing skills. She brought her knowledge to bear when we co-authored an E-course. When artists want to increase their skills with email marketing, this is the definitive publication. “The Artsy Shark Success Guide to Email Marketing for Artists”** was deeply reliant on Mckenna’s expertise.

(**Learn more about the Success Guide HERE.)

Carolyn Edlund

Gallery Owner, Blogger, Consultant, and Art Career Expert, Artsy Shark Gallery

She creates the most wonderful and appropriate emails for my peaceful cast bronze monk series and I get sales! She’s invaluable. My business is growing. She’s one smart marketer.

Marylyn Holland

Scupltor in Clay and Bronze, Marylyn Holland Designs

I trust her instincts and marketing sense. She has written entire emails for me that have made real money for me. She is a trusted advisor and her blogs are really helpful, too.

Stephanie Sachs

Fashion Designer & Fine Artist, Precious and Primitive

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