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Anybody hearing your messages?

Testing! One, Two, Three, Testing! Anybody Out There?

Recently, I had a really great in person and in action set of testimonials. If you are wondering if anyone is remembering who you are and what you do in this crazy online noisy and ultra-distracting world we live in today, you will want to read this article.

The Art Marketing Blog
Why would you give out a blank business card?

What to Leave Off a Business Card

What are you leaving off of your website and emails that might be costing you sales? In this post, I have a checklist of the top five things you need to maximize your impact and boost your marketing effectiveness.

The Art Marketing Blog
time is moving fast

Take Control of Your Art Business

If you are feeling lost, out of control, or even dispirited when you think about your art sales and your art business, you might find some good vibes and sorely needed advice in this post. Included is a basic exercise to help you track your most important tasks and help you prioritize your actions. It’s a useful tool that I have shared for years and I hope you can take the time to utilize it, too.

The Art Marketing Blog
What's the value of naming your art?

Does Your Art Need a Title?

A title is more than just words. Titling artwork is an art form all on its own. When done right, it can create a bond. When done wrong, it can ruin the art’s impact. I share some tips for creating titles for any artwork. Fine crafts, original oils, and even jewelry can all benefit from some good titles.

The Art Marketing Blog
Targeting the right audience is essential for business growth

Target Marketing is Still a “Thing”.

The idea is simple: when people think about you, you want them to associate you with a specific product. The more specific, the more likely you are to get referrals and other buzz and the very niche client base that will grow with more determination and distinction. The more honed in you are with your line of goods, the more you can develop a loyal following.

The Art Marketing Blog

Art Selling Articles

Find your Authentic Voice & Find Homes for your Art.

Face-to-Face Selling Made “E’asy”

Find out what “Love’s got to do with it”!

When it goes from yes to I need to think about it, don't panic.

The Dreaded Six Words

The Six Dreaded Words can be the moment of truth for many of us. If you don’t know what to do and what to say when faced with a premature end to a presentation of your art, this is one of a series of articles that will help you. Let’s explore this important subject!

From The E's of Selling Art Blog
Your focus is your focus. Be careful what you focus on.

Whatever You Focus On ______s!

What are you focusing on? What should you be focusing on? Why are you losing your focus? These questions and more are examined in the article with a checklist of suggestions on what to actually focus on so you can find more homes for your art.

From The E's of Selling Art Blog

Don’t Ignore the Biggest Question

Pricing is hard to do. But showing your prices to potential collectors, whether online or in real-time at art events, should be easy. This article will help you with this important business concept.

From The E's of Selling Art Blog
Don't let your energy shift from your job

Snap Out of It!

Of all the E’s, from the E’s of Selling Art System, Elasticity can be one of the more challenging to put into practice. In this article, you will find a little inspiration mixed with helpful hints to keep you in the right frame of mind. There’s even a link to a super checklist that could be a real game-changer at your very next art show.

From The E's of Selling Art Blog
The Four Dirty Little Words that kill sales

Four Dirty Little Words

When we are in situations where we are showing our artistry to total strangers, we naturally want to tell the world all about our art and ourselves. And the Four Dirty Little Words begin to dominate. This article will give you tips to corral your ego and to turn everything around. With just a little rethinking and minor vocabulary revisions, you can easily make it all about them.

From The E's of Selling Art Blog

“Mckenna has real marketing skills. She brought her knowledge to bear when we co-authored an E-course. When artists want to increase their skills with email marketing, this is the definitive publication. “The Artsy Shark Success Guide to Email Marketing for Artists”** was deeply reliant on Mckenna’s expertise.

(**Learn more about the Success Guide HERE.)

Carolyn Edlund

Gallery Owner, Blogger, Consultant, and Art Career Expert, Artsy Shark Gallery

She creates the most wonderful and appropriate emails for my peaceful cast bronze monk series and I get sales! She’s invaluable. My business is growing. She’s one smart marketer.

Marylyn Holland

Scupltor in Clay and Bronze, Marylyn Holland Designs

I trust her instincts and marketing sense. She has written entire emails for me that have made real money for me. She is a trusted advisor and her blogs are really helpful, too.

Stephanie Sachs

Fashion Designer & Fine Artist, Precious and Primitive

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