Get a FREE shopping cart!

Are you using Square?

You have seen this used in the past or maybe you have one and are using it currently. It’s been around for a while, but in more recent history, they added a bonus. Anyone can get a free online shopping cart and get the same low card swipe fees. It’s call Square Market. It may revolutionize your business!

You don’t have to use the dongle. That little plastic thing that goes in a phone is convenient for mobile businesses and even some not so mobile businesses. Starbucks converted all their credit and debit card processing to Square Up long ago. And soon, most Whole Foods will be using it, too.

If you are a mobile business, like a food truck, a lawn service, massage therapist, or an artist who does art fairs, this is totally the best choice out there. You can even send invoices.

If you have a brick and mortar business, a retail shop, or professional services like pet grooming or a law office, and are happy with your current provider, you certainly can just keep on using that system. However, if you have often dreamed of selling online, but were put off by the sheer complexity of adding a shopping cart to your current website, or you don’t even have a website, Square Market is here to save the day!

  • Free to sign-up.
  • Free to use.
  • Easy to set-up (or hire me).
  • Easy quick payments.
  • Reports galore to let you track sales.
  • Built-in inventory control system.
  • It’s totally pro-level. How else could Starbucks convert?

Let me repeat: this is FREE.

If you make one sale a day, or one a year, the only fee is on the sale itself – just 2.9% plus 30 cents on any transaction. (Other sales you generate including invoices, are just 2.75%.) ALL forms of credit cards at the same low rate. If you are high sales volume the rate gets quite low. Why else would Starbucks convert?

Now, if I sound like an advertising firm as I rattle on here, it’s because I love this product. And for small businesses on tight budgets, the ability to sell online with no extra costs is unparalleled.

Caveat: Like ALL online selling sites, your own website, and even a storefront on Main Street, it will need you to nourish it and drive traffic. You can’t just put stuff up for sale and hope people will find your store someday. However, if you are using lots of marketing avenues already and have some idea of what it takes to get traffic to your website and/or a brick and mortar business, you can do this. Just keep the drum beats alive. You can easily integrate Square Market into your marketing plans.

If you want to see one in action: HERE’S MINE.

Here is an AN ARTIST’S SITE I helped create.

If you want to sign-up and start putting together an online store, USE THIS LINK and you will get an instant bonus. For the first 180 days you will have totally free processing up to $1000 in sales.

I know you will love using this free online shopping cart! If you don’t, or if you never make a single sale, it was free. You can turn it off anytime.

Want to know more or talk with me about this? Think you might need help setting it up? Send me an email!


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