Why Email Marketing Works

Emails are 40 times better at gaining customers vs Facebook and Twitter combined.

Too far fetched? Google it: “emails are 40 times better” and read the full report! And that was before the latest round of new changes and new algorithms!

I love email marketing and you should, too! It’s permission-based marketing that far outreaches ALL Social Media!

When someone comes into contact with you and wants to remain in touch, they willingly and happily give you their email address. They are essentially saying, “Please let me know about special offers, promotions, discounts, hints and tips, or anything that might be useful in the future.” And they get an email sent to them. Every person on your list gets an email sent directly to their inbox. The average reach is 97%. Your email may not get opened, but at least it made it to their inbox!

That is not at all what is happening on Facebook:

  • Most posts today get sent out to about 7% of your fans – to reach more people you need a Paid Boost
  • You are NOT in control of which of the 7% will get your message
  • 35 people out of your 500 fans on average will get your post and you don’t even know who they are
  • Your biggest fans may never hear from you
  • The notification from Facebook is sent via email (how ironic!) so why not cut out the “middle man”?
  • When they land on Facebook, the level of distractions is astonishing! Logging-in to Facebook offers hundreds of pieces of new information for the average user to explore. You are a mere flicker of interest!

Add to that fact, most people on Facebook do not “like” your page specifically to do business with you – or at least you can’t count on that. There is no assurance that they are even real people. Last statistics I checked; over 80 million profiles are faked. 75% of Facebook users are outside of the US. Reaching out to those people is not the kind of marketing that is going to grow sales for you anytime soon. But remember: You don’t get to choose who gets your post so who knows who is getting notified from Facebook.

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When someone signs up for your emails – they want more information about YOU. They want to know more about your product, service, or organization. Period.

Think about the last time you signed up to get emails. Was it a store you love that gives email discounts? Did you find a website blog that gives you great insights? Whatever it was, you can bet that the person collecting your email is hoping to keep you aware of all they have to offer and maybe sell you something someday. They want to keep you in the loop, offer you value over and over again, and create a trusting relationship. If not, you may unsubscribe. No harm, no foul, but the control is there – emails ensure that.

For all these reasons and more, email marketing works and the more people you have as subscribers, the greater your reach to people who are actually waiting to hear from you. But here is the best part; using an email marketing service, like Constant Contact, you get to know some very important facts:

  • How many people opened your email?
  • WHO open your email and who didn’t?
  • WHEN did they open it?
  • And (this is SO important) who clicked on the Call to Action?! If you put a link to your website or an offer, isn’t it nice to know they clicked on that?
  • With all this measuring and reporting available, you can pinpoint a spike in sales, track coupon codes, and more. You have evidence that your emails work.

If you don’t know what those bullet points are all about, we really need to talk! But if you have a gut instinct, or already know the value, you need to get your email marketing into gear. If you are using a program already, but not being faithful to a strict sending schedule, you might want to get with my team. I am a terrific accountability partner.

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And look at what you get as a bonus!

  • You will have me looking over your shoulder.
  • You will be using the state-of-the-art “Toolkit” with bells and whistles that are easy to use and give you measurable results.
  • You will have the peace of mind that you are going to be with a solid company with award-winning support.
  • Support centers are open over 100 hours a week with dedicated, task-specific trained, US based, caring coaches.
  • And, again, you will have me. Get as much or as little involvement from me as you need with very affordable services if you need extra help.

I am more than a customer; I am an enthusiastic Platinum Level Certified Solutions Provider and Authorized Local Expert.

Constant Contact Local Authorized ExpertDon’t get me wrong – I believe in ALL kinds of media exposure. Facebook is somewhat important. Many businesses will benefit from Twitter and others from Pinterest or Instagram. There is no absolute rule as to which or how many Social Media sites you should use. For some people, who have a devoted staff for just that, they might want to do it all! Heck, I even help design traditional snail mail campaigns.

However, if you are like most people who are on a shoestring budget, looking to get the most bang for the buck and best results for the hard-to-find-time in your day – nothing comes close to email marketing. Easy, quick, effective and time honored. It just works.

Start with the free trial and experience my hand-holding. Buying in can be as little as $16 a month. Most of my clients find it pays for itself over and over again. It would cost double or triple that to reach all 500 of your Facebook fans with every posting. You can send as many emails as you want for $16. No boosting needed. Need testimonials?


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