I have been wanting to do this for such a long time, but after several attempts, it never “felt” like I was getting it right. And then… well, just listen and you will see that I did some “extra” fancy things which made this a really useful podcast.

And, it dawned on me that it’s been a while since I had a special pricing offer on the E’s of Selling Art System – Guidebook, Worksheets, and Flashcard Set and this podcast really inspired me to make that happen. If you already know how valuable the guidebook is, simply buy directly with this link. HOWEVER: You will need the discount code! And to get the code, you need to “earn” the discount I am offering by listening to the podcast for the promo code! (There is a separate and very special offer for foreign shipments.)

I suspect that some of you will be shy and want to reach out to me personally to get a little extra coaching after you have faced the music. Please email me and let’s work something out. With the summer art fair season just about to kick off, can you afford to miss an opportunity to find loving homes for your art? You all know by now that I am always ready to help you increase your selling skills.

For anyone who is not feeling shy, please comment below!

And, please share this page, and please feel free to put a quick Five Star Rating on iTunes. A short review on iTunes would be a cherry-on-top for me.  

This podcast is now available on many apps! iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, GooglePlay, and IHeart. Of course, I still want your comments, so listen anywhere, but please come here to share when you are inspired by the podcasts.

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