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This episode is all about staying in touch and staying top of mind. But what do you do when your email list gets cold? The solution will surprise you. I will eventually bring the video over here that compliments this episode. Keep an eye on your inbox.

Would love to know your thoughts. Please add a comment! What’s your biggest hurdle?

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11 March 2019 addendum:

Here’s the video to really bring this all into focus!


  1. Carol Nunan

    I found this very useful McKenna,
    I’ve kind of done it in the past although not quite so straightforwardly because I use MailChimp and my understanding from their rules is that if I get a significant number of unsubscribes at one time this can flag me up as spam.

    However, going forward I’m presuming that every now and then when I examine my mailing list for people who regularly open my emails and this e who don’t at all or hardly ever, it would be a good idea to email a version of your email letter suggestion that section of my list and invite them to unsubscribe to check who still really does want to remain on the list and who doesn’t?

    • McKenna

      MailChimp shouldn’t do that any more than any other provider. It would have to be a HUGE percentage and it would have to include actual spam reports. However! Because you are in the UK (and regardless of what happens re: Brexit), you do have some very intense rules – the GDPR rules and you do need to do things in a very precise manner. In fact, I would be VERY careful about using MailChimp in your situation. They are notorious for not having the right legal pieces in place to comply with the GDPR.

      As for occasionally sending out a version of my email letter, well… It’s not something you would want to do under any circumstances except if you let your list go cold. This is a very specific task that I hope no one needs to do but once. Another thing worth noting is that MailChimp (according to many artists I have helped) is also notorious for not getting a good opening rate. Their delivery rate is not as good as others. It’s another reason why I love and work with Constant Contact.

      So if you are not getting a good opening rate, you might want to change to another program? And if you do switch, separate out all the people who have not been opening your emails and send them a Cold Email. They might finally get an email from you and not have a clue who you are or how they know you!

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