People come into your world and view your art with a unique set of beliefs, self-awareness, desires, strategies, and attitudes to get them through the day. Helping them through the “Buyer’s Journey” will be even easier when you learn the lessons in this podcast and find ways to match their steps along the path.

In this quick little “reminder” episode, I am discussing intention, timing, and tone.

Did they just ask if you accept credit cards? That question is informative, but it’s even more informative depending on when it is asked, right?

In this short but sweet episode, I am exploring the statements, questions, or comments that come your way in a typical engagement and presentation. I will put several common statements under my microscope. In the end, hopefully, you will see new ways of “hearing between the lines”. It’s just another part of helping you find loving homes for your art more naturally and authentically.

So put on your Empathy Hat and enjoy!

And as always, I would love your comments. What words or questions trigger you into action mode?

This podcast is now available on many apps! iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, GooglePlay, and IHeart. Of course, I still want your comments, so listen anywhere, but please come here to share when you are inspired by the podcasts.

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