The basic principle is one that every Marketing 101 course would teach us, but as always – it’s hard to figure out how to apply this concept to our artful objects. And it’s even harder to figure out how to incorporate these basic principals in our presentations – both online and offline.

Therefore, pay close attention to the examples in this podcast. Then get out your pencil and paper. This could be one of the more valuable tools to sharpen.

Oh… and I made a mention that deserves a fuller story. My packaging for my jewelry is an example of a unique value that I have added to a buyer’s list of reasons to buy.

it is a value proposition wrapped in a brown paper bag

My packaging creates such a great reaction that people simply “must” buy something.

It’s not unusual for me to sell multiple items to a single buyer who just can’t resist the packaging and the story. My buyers know, that as gifts go, this is a big winner. Give everyone lots of reasons to buy and you will Find Loving Homes for Your Art!

So take a listen and then share here in the comments: What are you doing to create that extra value? That WOW factor?


IMPORTANT NEWS: This podcast is now available on many apps! I am still gathering all the icons! iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, GooglePlay, and IHeart. Of course, I still want your comments, so listen anywhere, but come here to share when you are inspired by the podcasts.

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