Hellooooo to 2017! And ALOHA to my devoted readers.

I have one really important goal for this year, because, it’s about time I listen to my own advice

I am moving closer to my audience. Effective immediately – today – I am switching gears and getting on target.

I looked backed over two full years and I have a darn good idea as to who is reading my marketing blog. I have done the math. I know who is opening my emails and clicking over to my posts. And then there’s my very brave group who so often comment on the articles here.

So I know who is reading my articles: You are Artists & Makers. You are Creatives & Art Entrepreneurs.

And while some of you reading this have other businesses like spas, restaurants, and dental practices, it’s time for me to cater to my artist community. It’s time for more targeted art-related content.

For the small percentage who are not running an Art related business, please don’t feel like I am going to ignore you. The vast majority of the articles I will post in 2017 will be very useful for anyone trying to run a business of any kind. And you can always contact me for consulting, help with your website, email marketing, and so forth.

I simply know that it is time to concentrate on my artist community; my family; my inspiration. You are who I am most excited about helping. And I know how to help you.

Plus, I know you don’t have too many artist-only resources to turn to like other businesses do. So whether you are just getting started, or have some years on your resume, there is always something new to figure out. There are always opportunities to improve your outcomes.

Why this change will matter to any artists at any stage.

As many of you know, my resume is heavily focused on the Arts. I even had an art business at the age of seven, but that’s a story for another time.

As an adult, I had my first experience selling artful objects in 1974 – over Forty Years Ago! (Yes… I am “old”… LOL!) I started selling antiques and other collectibles, then fine art. Eventually I was managing upscale, high-end art galleries in San Francisco, where I was responsible for sales on average of over $100,000 a month – in 1980’s dollars!

Wherever I landed, I always brought sales abilities and marketing skills that made me the top performer. I was hired as Director of Sales for a jewelry firm and increased their sales by 30% using the principles of my “E’s of Selling Art System”. I was gaining skill sets that continue to inform me and my clients today.

It was around that same time that I began my consulting business in San Francisco, targeting high-end shops. Places that sold rare or collectable goods. When I moved to Maui in 1986, I continued to grow my sales and marketing skill sets, breaking records and making myself useful.

Up to that point I was working with somewhat large enterprises. Then, in 1992, I started my own art business, Currents low impact jewelryIt’s this business that put me front and center into learning about the “art” of running a studio business.  So after 24 years, 200+ gallery accounts, and maintaining upwards of 75 retail locations at the height of my career I am slowly retiring. I have had accounts around the globe including Neiman MarcusAltogether I have over 50 years expereince.

Bottom line: I know some stuff – and I make a difference in mentoring and coaching artists almost everyday.

And so I have decided once and for all: I really don’t want to continue to give general advice here in this blog when I know I can specifically help you with running your art businesses.

Big Plans Underway!

In the coming weeks, you will be informed of some of the ideas that I have brewing. I have a couple marketing ideas that are going to thrill you! But suffice it to say, I am going to become much more valuable in the weeks and months ahead. My desire to “talk” to my artist community in a deeper and more complete way feels like a rebirth of this entire site.

I am excited to tweak my blog & focus on the day-to-day issues of the artist community. Click To Tweet

Essentially, I am going to reverse my emphasis. For the past couple of years, I have been covering general marketing concepts with general information that could be used by most businesses. Then, as you may have noticed, I often gave “special” advice to artists through in a specific idea or suggestion. It was highlighted as being for my “artist community”. That’s all changing.

Now, I will be discussing specifics for growing art businesses, and occasionally throwing out some suggestions to the general business owner. Really flipping my entire focus!

I am excited. I hope you are too.

There’s always room for more comments and commenters and that is part of why I am changing my focus. I think this new direction will add to more involvement. I am forever grateful for the chance to add to my thinking and your comments in the past are part of what motivates me to keep posting. More comments are definitely a “good thing” and I hope to see more in 2017.

So sit back and get ready for some great future articles. In no particular order:

  • Is consignment worth it?
  • What exactly is an artist statement?
  • The fundamentals of Social Media for artists.
  • Top do’s and don’ts for an Artist Website
  • How to get the most out of Art Fairs
  • Are you getting paid what you need to survive and thrive? (Yes… I will tackle pricing issues!)

And I will re-write the Golden Triangle of Success article and bring it into a deeper connection with the artist business model. That is something I have been wanting to do for a long time!  Of course the E’s of Selling Art Blogs (formally known as the artists blog) will continue as a separate blog. All those who are owners of the Guidebook say they really enjoy having the “system” put under a bi-weekly microscope. We have some great commenting sessions over there whether you own the Guidebook or not.

So really, you don’t need to do a thing but continue to open up my emails and learn a trick or two now and then. Meanwhile, if you have any ideas or want to suggest any topics, reach out in the comments below. I would love to know that I am moving in a direction that you all approve of with this change. Or reach out via email: icanhelp@mygoldenwords.com

And with your help and encouragement, I hope to be your continued partner as we tackle the never-ending sales and marketing challenges in the months and years ahead!


The remarkable photo featured in this article is by Hoach Le Dinh of Vietnam.

The day after I legally downloaded this photograph, his website shut down.

More of his work can be seen on Unsplash.

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