There are certain aspects to every engagement opportunity that tap into our most common and core human instincts. If you are stuck in the natural habit of using these four words, you will struggle to connect.

And, unfortunately, every kind of connection is damaged. It might be during phone calls, in-person selling, email marketing, or creating a website or descriptions of your art or even your artist statement. All engagements benefit by leaving out the Four Dirty Little Words as much as possible.

It’s not easy for most of us. It takes very “purposeful and intentional sharing strategies” to overcome these words. You may need to give this some deep thought to really conquer the instinct and normal tendency to use these words.

But you will reap great benefits, both in your professional life and personal life, as you start to lessen your use of the Four Dirty Little Words.

Be honest with yourself and heed the warnings. Is this something that you need to improve on in your world? I look forward to your comments!


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