This is an in-depth and longer format episode. It’s the first interview I have shared and it’s a good one. Carolyn Edlund is a wealth of art marketing savvy advice. She shares some terrific tips.

Her website, Artsy Shark is consistently ranked among the Top Ten Art Blogs. She recently took a new position working for the Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists and we spend some time discussing the great work that the organization is doing for the artist community. She had plenty of solid advice and excellent thoughts to share, from marketing strategies to website best practices.

Get out your pen and paper. You will want to take notes! Enjoy!

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  1. Carol Nunan

    I’m going to come back to this. I’m listening in the studio while I get ready for a workshop this weekend so I need to listen again to really concentrate on some of the things that came up today.

    The points that stood out were the ones on creating a website. I currently use WordPress and until recently I found it quite straight forward to use. However it has become a bit more problematic with issues I cannot resolve easily myself without technical backup.

    My website was due a complete overhaul anyway so I’m now getting it redesigned – yes by someone else – but using Squarespace which many artists I’ve spoken to swear by as being simple to use. The person doing the redesign will then train my up on how to use it ongoing and also give me some pointers on getting it to work harder for itself.

    I’m using someone else to redesign it because sometimes, and this came up in your podcast, it is difficult to step back and see the wood for the trees as to what I’m getting wrong. It’s also a time factor.

    I have the most success with selling my workshops through the website followed by greeting card sales and then the odd mini print. No originals, very few reproductions. This is something I really need to improve on and I certainly picked up a few ideas here today

    • McKenna

      How wonderful! I love being part of the change machine. As long as you can learn what it takes to keep your new site updated, that’s all that matters. Squarespace is fine – just be sure you don’t post your pics in the “square” format and cut off the images. That is something that site is famous for (it’s in their name! LOL) and you will need to create “square canvases” to place your rectangular images. Your designer should know what this means if you don’t already. Or PM me and I will help you.

      The only other thing: most web designers lack marketing skills. No site – no matter how pretty – will help you sell if you don’t have marketing mojo baked into every part of the structure – from header to footer everything must be saying, “I have things here you will love to own and here’s how to do that.”

      And if you want to sell more originals, they need to be the priority on the site. Whatever gets the focus gets the attention. You are the band leader. Lead them to the music you want them to play.

      As you know, I do free website reviews, so feel free to connect with me when your new site is basically ready for publishing and I will give it a quick check-up.

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