Where’s the PROOF?!

Recently, I decided to explore a platform that has a huge user-base that I want to connect with: Instagram. There is such a huge community of artists and makers using that platform and I finally felt compelled to join in the fray. I even popped for a very intensive course from “The Instagram Expert” aka Sue B. Zimmerman.

So for the past few months, I have been focused on getting my “grid” figured out along with trying to see what it takes to get traction on this very dynamic tool. I have barely scratched the surface. As usual, the marketing puzzle is three dimensional.

However, as I actively explore the ins and outs of Instagram, I have discovered a very discouraging truth: the vast majority of artists I see there are not selling their art.

And since my podcast is called, “Find Loving Homes for Your Art”, I felt it is my duty to yell at you all in this week’s episode.

There are remedies!

I don’t know why it’s so foreign an idea to say (in the bio even!) that your creations are available to buy. And why your hashtags don’t reach out to #designers #artgalleries #artcollectors #homefurnishings #artforwalls and so on (and on and on). And what size is that doggie in the window?

I know you all think you have “good” excuses for being so shy, so feel free to put those in the comments. For those of you who are just plain unsure: get over it. For examples of some smart art marketers, these stand out as artists who are front and center and ready for you to buy from them in a few clicks.


@fionapurdypetportraits (her work is 100% commission so she has no “shopping cart”)


@patriciagriffinceramics (this clever lady has a very different approach to “shopping” cart sales)

Anyway… this podcast is actually a little late in being published because I spent WAY too much time trying to find examples among my own followers who were actually actively selling via Instagram. After over an hour… I gave up!

Listen to this podcast and ask yourself: Is your art for sale?


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