This is the natural continuation from last week’s episode. If you haven’t heard #12 – stop reading this and go listen to it first. It will put you in the right frame of mind for tackling this often difficult and delicately balanced moment during a presentation of your art.


and Aloha…


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  1. Kylie

    I remember once hesitating to buy a piece of art and the artist saying to me something like: Well why don’t you just get it?
    The question/statement was so direct and well placed and it snapped me back into the present moment so swiftly that I just bought it. I was so impressed with her direct manner and vowed to remember it for myself.
    I have missed out on sales for the very reason of becoming speechless in the moment or forgetting to make sure to get their email, while knowing that the client truly wanted to buy the piece but there was some inside voice holding them back. Thanks for this!

    • McKenna

      You have nothing to lose if you really have built up a good relationship, right? Good on you, Kylie, for having that experience and recognizing the power of that simple phrase and concept.

      The other thing to remember is when you dangle a suggestion to purchase, whatever way you come to forming that suggestion, don’t say another word until they speak. They need time to walk through the experience of ownership and feel their truth at that exact time. Ask then zip up your lip. Let them ruminate.

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