Rebecca Vincent is a fine artist and printmaker. She has a very successful and thriving career in Northeast England. She shares years of wisdom in this 50-minute exchange.

She is charming, thoughtful, and very clever. In this podcast, she shares some important tips and hints that any artist in any medium will find useful. She has been a professional artist for over 20 years, but as you will learn, it’s never as simple as it seems.

Just like her monotypes and etchings, she has lots of nooks and crannies filled with terrific hidden gems of career advice for our community of artists.

One of the many layers. Exacting skills, persistence, and deep patience are pre-requisites for most successful art careers. 

This episode is chock-o-block full of good solid ideas for success. We ended up chatting about many important art business best practices, but Rebecca saved the best for last. You will have a lot to consider when this episode concludes! Have paper and pencil nearby. You will want to take notes!

So stay to the end when she lets us in on her best bit of advice. And be sure to visit her website and see her great work! 



PS: Here’s the link to the E’s of Selling Art System we discussed –

PPS: here’s a link for getting your free shopping cart –

PPPS: if you need help with your website – a free review is a great place to start:


Your comments are always welcome! What’s your journey been like so far?

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  1. Lorraine

    I enjoyed this podcast, thanks! I’ve visited Rebecca’s studio, and after several years of enjoying looking, I bought a print direct from her studio which hangs in my lounge. The key lessons for me here were about focus, website clarity and choosing for yourself where to put your energy.

    • McKenna

      Thanks for listening, Lorraine and for your great synopsis. And don’t forget about the power of using email to stay in touch!

      How wonderful to have been able to visit Rebecca’s studio. I love when artists buy from artists. What a nice story to share here. Congrats. I am a tinge jealous, but one of these days, I will likely own one of her pieces, too.

    • Rebecca Vincent

      Hi Lorraine, thanks for listening; I’m so pleased it was useful. It’s lovely to hear of how you chose a print after looking for a long time – I hope it brings you pleasure every day.

  2. Rebecca Vincent


    Thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of your podcast. I think we made a useful contribution there to our artist community. I’m really touched by how you’ve introduced me to your listeners and how much importance you’ve attached to it in the run up to this broadcast.

    • McKenna

      Happy to have had the opportunity to chat with you, Rebecca. Let’s hope it is widely shared!

  3. Hannah

    This was a great podcast to listen to. Particularly yours and Rebecca’s focus on clarifying one’s vision and proceeding without being distracted by opportunities that don’t fit the plan. Rebecca, your website is gorgeous! Thank you both for sharing.

    • McKenna

      Thanks so much, Hannah! Please put up a review over on iTunes if you haven’t yet. And share this with everyone. Let’s help as many artists thrive as possible.

    • Rebecca Vincent

      Hi Hannah,
      Thank you for checking out my website and giving such a lovely response. I’m glad you took away something useful from what we discussed.

  4. Betty

    Great interview! Rebecca’s art is stunning. As a selling artist, I’m always in the learning mode and enjoy listening to how others found success. When you talked about social media, you stated that the folks who are successful have others doing the work for them. I’m going to have to disagree with you. I sell most of my art through IG and built up my followers (60k+) and collectors on my own. Thank you for interviewing artists and sharing their journeys with us.

    • McKenna

      Thanks for the comments, Betty! Yes, Rebecca’s art is stunning.

      Congrats on your success with IG. 60k is awesome! It’s astonishingly awesome.

      What I said in the interview was that “the ones who are generally very successful have someone who does that for them”. That said, anyone can be successful at anything if they deeply focus on a particular audience and marketing strategy. It seems you have done that! Keep doing that!

      Rebecca is successful by concentrating on staying in touch via emails and only “occasionally posts” on social media. It’s a well-established fact that email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined at creating selling scenarios. But if you are making all the money you need to make with IG, then good on you. I know of a few other artists who have had successful sales with IG.

      I guess what I am “defending” here is that many artists who are struggling to get traction (or even their first sale) always need a strategy and marketing plan of some sort. It’s been my experience that helter-skelter posting here and there on two or three different social media platforms (and dealing with all the algorithm changes) is not as effective for someone starting out as just getting that email list built. And for some artists, their target market may not even use IG. Everyone uses email. And the best part is that you own that list. And the basic way emails work remain almost the same year after year. Every name you gain through permission marketing is yours and no one can take it away or change the algorithms or stop you from using that tool.

      So again… big congrats to you. And by the way, your work is so incredible. It must look amazing on IG! Continued success! And thanks for adding your two cents here. (Maybe I should consider interviewing you?)

  5. Laura

    I really enjoyed this podcast interview with Rebecca. Her work is amazing and her process fascinating and complex. It’s always good to hear how other artists feel and manage the marketing side of their business.
    I lost my focus for a while as I tried to keep up with posting on several social media platforms while still making art!
    I am going to place more focus on my website, email list and creating my art. Thanks McKenna.

    • McKenna

      That sounds like a good plan, Laura. You are another of my favorites who took my advice and built a great website. Gotta love Wix!

      Your work is equally delightful and so is your approach. And your overall messaging is very effective. I just got one of your emails recently and you are doing a lot of the right things. You made me click through!

      I am sure that you could get to 60K on Instagram or whatever you focused on, but what if they change their algorithms again? You own your list so keep on building that.

      For anyone who has a good following on social media – take advantage of that trust to gain more emails while it’s still easy to do. And don’t think that a platform will always be there. Remember: Google Plus shut down!

      And thanks for commenting here and encouraging me. The podcasts seem to be making a difference.

  6. Laura

    Mckenna, I’m very happy with my Wix website and thankful that you pointed me in that direction. I am also thankful for your help in developing my brand colors and logo. The tagline is perfect! It feels so right and I am continually amazed at how it inspires my creativity and the way my style shifted subtly to better align with my branding. While my website need’s work, I am pleased with the direction it’s taking. Enjoy your day!

    • Mckenna Hallett

      Oh… what an unexpected benefit! I love that your “brand” inspires you. How cool is that? That’s what my branding and my tag line do for me, too.

      It’s such an honor to have helped you Laura. I really love your ongoing journey on your website and in your marketing. For anyone who wants to see Laura’s site, just click on her name in her posting. It’s looking pretty good if you ask me!

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