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Remember your core goal

At the critical moment of that declaration to “think about it”, you must remember what your core goal is when someone is smitten with your art. Whatever the price and whatever the medium, you have created something of importance. This is art. This is not a washing machine or a cell phone. This is a purchase that brings layers of unbridled joy, emotional value, and intrinsic significance.

Your art changes people’s lives every time they have even a brief interaction. Whether it’s on a wall, or on their hand, it’s cherished.  Whether it’s in their garden or in their kitchen cabinet, it’s much more than utilitarian – even if it’s “just” a coffee cup or a bird feeder.

You know this is true because they have told you this when you see them again. You know this is true because you have “objects d’art” in your own life that give you that small buzz of enjoyment repeatedly when you come into contact with that art in your home and life.

You know you are creating treasures and beloved items worthy of good homes. You know this is true because your passion and that sensation that rushes through you when you complete a piece are genuine. You know this because, whether someone buys from you or not, they praise your work and they genuinely praise you and marvel at your skills.

Your goal is to find loving homes for your art.

Your goal is to transform some corner of a room or the morning coffee ritual into an artful experience for years to come. It’s easy when you remember your impact on their lives.

When you know that you risk only having someone say, “no”, you owe it to your art, to the collector, and to yourself, to ask for the sale. And when they say, “We need to think about it.” you know they didn’t say no….yet. And your job – your responsibility – is to make sure you give them an opportunity to say “yes.”

Read, study, re-read and practice – every chance you get – and go through the “13 step departure list”. Your art deserves your best engagement and best efforts to find good homes and positively affect lives.

Believe in yourself. Believe in your Art. Believe in your impact.

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