Well, well, well! Episode 2 is so much better!

If you just listened to the first ever episode, just know this: I got better.

And if you listened – I hope you checked out the comments! They are the reason there is an episode #2

It only took several months of attending webinars, watching YouTube Videos, and struggling with more than a few software experiments, but finally, I got into a rhythm. This is still a bit raw, but it’s much closer to the “trailhead” of the podcasts. However, this one will do your heart a lot of good, too. Big takeaways. Including my often revisited theme: YOU are so important. Art is so important.

That is where the path is leading me. I hope you will join me for this unique journey.

PS: in the next episode things get very intense, so be prepared! It’s a quintessential call to artists to Find Loving Homes for Your Art.

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