Try as I might, I lose it a couple of times in the telling of this story. Some of you have read this. Some have heard me tell this story in person in seminars. But I think hearing this right now, with the topsy turvy world around us trying to divide us and break our loving nature, it’s time to revisit this very soul-stirring story.

Because this story has such a deep purpose and has such a valuable takeaway I hope you will share it. Share it everywhere that an artist might see it.

And if you have similar stories, please share them in the comments. What sale moved you more than most?

Aloha! Mckenna

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  1. Vicki Thomas

    Touching story. Thank you for sharing.

    • McKenna

      I am glad it touched you, Vicki. Please share it abundantly.

  2. leanne

    Thank You! wonderful story!

    • McKenna

      Thanks! And Stay Tuned! There’s a great interview coming next!

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