Oprah recently shared her mantra at a commencement speech. Not her mission statement, not a slogan, not a tag-line, but her mantra. It’s a powerful one!

If you aren’t sure what a mantra is, well… it’s hard to replace that word with any other. A mantra is a statement that prompts deep reflection on a purposeful statement meant to move you into a state of calm and order. Some consider it a state of prayer, but I think it is even more than that. It’s something I have relied on for years. I share one in the “E’s of Selling Art System”. I had several in my more formative years.

But when I heard the commencement speech by Oprah, it struck me that I had lost track of my main mantra. I had a one-size-fits-all mantra for years, but I kind of lost track of it. When I thought about it, I realized that my mantra got “lost” because I didn’t need it anymore.

But I am pretty sure that I need one again. I think most of us will have an easier time in life with one than without one. So, I am digging around for another one. One that will stick and make a real impact when I summon it to my future moments of need.

Getting it to stick is the key. Getting a statement to live and breathe into the deepest crevices of your mind, is key. Finding a mantra that you can count on to bring you to your “senses” is not only important, but it can also change your life around. I have several examples in this episode.

So, what mantra did Oprah share at a 2019 commencement speech?

“Everything is always working out for me.”

On its face, it’s powerful, but I realized that, for me, it’s not quite fitting where I am in my life. It would have been better during tougher times or times of great change, but my life (today) is very steady. Not perfect, but not scary or difficult. Nothing like what a college graduate might be going through. So…I don’t “feel” the need for the power of that statement for my life at this time.

And so, I bring my journey to this week’s episode. I suggest you have your thinking cap pulled on tightly and try to remain as undistracted as possible. If you have a specific mantra that helps you – guides you through tough times – and are willing to share, please scroll to the comments and add your voice.

Oh… and… you can have more than one! That’s what I discovered along the way and that is what I share in the many examples in the podcast this week.

And, yes…it will help you “Find Loving Homes for Your Art”, too! Enjoy!

Available wherever you listen to podcasts, but hopefully you will always return here to leave your valuable contributions in the comments.

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