This episode is a bit of a departure. I have been fairly consistent in bringing you into the “system” – the E’s of Selling Art System. A huge percentage of what I have discussed in the past 23 episodes (with the exception of the two interviews) has been based on that guidebook.

But recently, especially with so many of you reaching out with questions that are not related to one-on-one selling best practices, I have started daydreaming about other helpful topics. And then, it hit me. I get so many questions thrown in my direction and even more so lately.

So… I am going to answer three in particular that came in my inbox just this last week.

  1. How do I grow my email list?
  2. What is the best Social Media platform to use?
  3. Is the E’s of Selling Art System available as a download?

And here’s one additional question I will answer right here and now: yes… there is still time (offer ends May 31st) to get your discount on the guidebook. Click here if you want to buy now and use the code: BUYNOW

And listen closely this week: I will give you a very unexpected and rather compelling reason why even if you never sell face-to-face the E’s of Selling Art System could really rock your studio world. Learn more here.

(by the way…I don’t do this kind of promotion very often, so it might be months before I do this again.)

Okie Dokie! Enjoy the show! I look forward to seeing YOUR questions in the comments. ALOHA!

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