Hard for any of you not to know that My Golden Words Academy of Small Business Success is officially open.

I have been beating a drum lightly for many weeks. But in the past two weeks, I have been getting louder and louder. So I thought it would be a good thing to share this Marketing Campaign right here on the Marketing Blog. Essentially, this launch is a pretty good example of a marketing campaign at a critical junction.

It seems only logical that I would show you some of the processes.

First noteworthy part of this exercise is the fact that as I write this, it’s actually November 25th. I have been taking notes and recording memos for a few weeks about this specific post. I always knew I would share this information. It was in my “Launch of the Courses Marketing Plan” and on my “Academy Marketing Campaigns Calendar” As I always say:

It's Never Too Early To Plan For Success! Visit! http://bit.ly/MyAcademy Click To Tweet

(Hope you will tweet that out!)

The overall list of things-to-do is immense and even keeping me awake some nights. But I am excited to report that enough pieces have come together that I have a pretty special event planned around this grand opening. I hope by the time you read this, I will have everything on the list below done. (This is mostly the “email marketing” part of the to-dos list.)

  • Contact all the people who took the survey and thank them and let them know the results. The survey was sent in an email campaign. (Did you know that a survey is not just a survey, but is in fact a form of marketing? I will be teaching a course about how to do surveys. So stay tuned!)
  • Those of you placed into the Charter Membership are getting a coupon code for 100% off on a bundle of two courses.
  • For all the others who participated in the survey, you are all getting a coupon code for 75% off either courses or the bundle for even more savings.
  • And for everyone who is already on my Academy News List, you will be getting an email with a code for 50% off.
  • And last but not least, I will create an email for EVERYONE (that might be include you, too!) who is on my blog lists and invite you to join the Academy News List and get the 50% off offer, too. This will be a LIMITED time offer – expires on Dec 9th. You must be on the list by December 9th to get the special 50% Discount Code.

In other words, if you haven’t signed up for Academy News List, you will be missing a Once-in-a-Lifetime offer. Go sign up.

I know not everyone cares about the courses, but I care deeply about making sure you know this super opportunity exists.

Meanwhile, that’s pretty much Part One of what I need to do in the next few days.

And then comes the back of the house stuff stuff to do

For one thing, I still have a lot to do in the courses themselves. I have been creating materials for downloading, making screen shot video how-to’s, recording audio voice overs for slide shows, and so much more. This has been the biggest single project ever and it’s been going on for months. I have also been creating SALES pages and LANDING pages on both this website and on the courses site, too.

I have created crazy amounts of graphics for ads, sidebar widgets, and future social media posts. I have been working on the branding for the courses and developing the tone of the site to be inclusive for more than just artists. While the vast majority of you reading this post are artists, the academy will be a source of learning for everyone who runs a business. I want anyone who is struggling with marketing to find benefit.

So part of the Marketing Challenge is making sure that anyone who visits the Academy and has a business to run, will find something helpful among the courses as they continue to filter out to the public in 2017. The Academy is not one-size-fits-all. But some of the courses will be.

Here’s a sneak preview (and an insight to my marketing “copy”):

resources for small businesses

“Resources 101” is a mixture of resources useful in advertising projects, web designing, graphics, email marketing, posting on social media sites. There are tips to help you stay organized, and even some project management hints and tips.

Among the lessons, you will find instant access to some information – including free downloads. But the course is only $10. If you are on my Academy News List, you will get an offer for 50% off!

This is part of the Business Basics on a Budget Series. This series will grow to many courses in 2017. The Business Basics on a Budget Series will be courses that will sell for under $25.

Whether you are selling a product or a service this is a course that will help you advance. And, whether you are selling business to business or business to consumer, the information in this course will help you thrive. And you can grab it for just five dollars.

This course has some info you can access for free, too: MGW Academy Secrets for Creating Compelling Subject Lines [downloadable PDF] How’s that for compelling? Free is always good – right? Who wouldn’t want to create more enticing titles for posts, emails, and other marketing efforts? So if that’s a pressing issue for you, just go and register and download that PDF. That’s free for everyone.

This next course is under development. Won’t be available for a while, but it’s for artists only.

Smart Art Marketing for Artists

Oh yes… I will be working hard to create a comprehensive course to help artists get their marketing under control. This course is based on my successful seminar that I have shared for many moons. That two-hour seminar will be expanded upon greatly in this course.

I have big plans to bring in some industry specialists for exclusive interviews and really dig deep into the many challenges we all face in trying to be in business in the 21st century.

Join my Academy List so you will be alerted when this terrific course is launched!

See what I did there?

I asked again: Join my Academy List.

Marketing 101: Asking people to give you permission to remain in their inboxes – and remain of value to them – is what you need to do with your business, too.

Plant seeds, keep thumping the drum. Remain relevant and keep your audience, buyers, collectors, and admirers engaged. And keep asking for participation. It’s that level of engagement that has kept me going. It’s a level of responsibility that I feel whenever I give out any advice, ideas, or suggestions for how you can be a better marketer and grow your businesses.

And for those of you who missed the survey, or just didn’t have time to deal (it’s all about timing and I could have done better on THAT score!), just take a moment to let me know what courses – what subjects – would be of value to you. What are the big stumbling blocks that you just keep running into? What are your hopes and dreams for 2017?

And if you are reading this on or after December 1st, you can see some of the subjects I am tackling. Let me know what you think!


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