Unveiling the Core with Active Listening

Something different is going on here.

It’s art. It’s your art. It’s from your core. And it’s striking them at their core.

For most Artists, it’s difficult (and uncomfortable) to use the standard “sales techniques” from the countless “how to increase sales of stuff” books that crowd the shelves. Because, let’s face it, this is not a practical purchase. Even if they are purchasing “functional” art, they can go get something mass-produced for far less money. So why don’t they? (That’s not a rhetorical question!)

Furthermore, it’s not possible for art collectors to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing your creations in the same way they would in deciding which model of car to buy or what size refrigerator will work best in their kitchen. 

Your entire job description is to unveil that core. Only then can you honor the feelings, ideas, and dreams that a viewer of your work experiences. Only then can you discover what is important to them. And what is important to THEM is all that ever matters. 

Listen to what they are saying and consider WHY they are saying it.

Respond to what they say AND (key concept) respond to WHY they are saying it.

By showing them your honest interest and attention, they will know you care about them. The trust will build, the love will grow, and the sales will flow.

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