Confusion Dilutes Passion

It can feel awkward, even uncomfortable, to allow someone a little time and space to become visually acquainted with your oeuvre. Whatever your medium, it’s full of stories, full of energy, and full of your spirit.

Your art is the product of your unique techniques, special preparations, and your singular artful approach to design and your point-of-view. It’s your passion and you want to share it. That’s part of why you are showing it to the public, right?

But what do they really need to know? How much should you share and when and how should you share it? I answer these and more questions in this episode of “Find Loving Homes for Your Art”.

The Yin and the Yang

It’s quite natural to want to tell everyone as much as possible as quickly as possible so they will “get it” and “get you”. And hopefully, if they learn enough about you and what makes you tick, they will buy a piece of your creative work. But, as usual, it’s a balancing act. And in the beginning, you can upset that delicate balance as they are becoming tuned-in to your work for the first time.

And so, in this episode, I am encouraging you to bite your tongue. To be patient. And, as always, I give you some practical ideas on how to do that and what to say and when to say it. Listen to this episode to discover how you can maximize your effectiveness in those first few moments.

The bottom line is: Too much sharing can lead to overwhelm and that can kill sales. It’s all about timing and that ever-present E from the E’s of Selling Art System: Empathy.

Enjoy! And please share in the comments. I want to hear your thoughts, ideas, and questions! What’s your medium and how does this apply to your presentation?

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