Do you talk or do you listen?

Silence is Golden. Especially throughout your entire presentation of your art to potential collectors.

When we feel compelled to break into the silence, it is often the result of us feeling anxious, impatient, or just plain uncomfortable in a sales situation. We take comfort in believing that the more we talk about ourselves, the more trust we are building. We think they are getting to know us and therefore they will be more likely to like us and buy from us. This is not true.

Add to that the “distraction” factor of chit-chatting and this is a double whammy.


There are key times that many of us will excitedly, nervously, and overtly “talk over the moment” or talk “past the sale”:

  1. If someone is browsing your collection, they need time to soak in what they are seeing. Give them a few hints about what they are looking at (as needed), but let them browse. If they have questions, they will ask. Non-essential chattering will only distract or dilute their ability to experience the nuances of your art. They can’t visualize the rooms in their house or the clothes in their closet if they are talking about the weather with you while looking through your collection.
  2. When someone is sharing their story, ideas, or concerns, you need to listen. You should not be looking for YOUR chance to reply or formulating a response. Listen to them.
  3. To make sure you are showing you have listened count to two before you reply.
  4. When you have recommended a purchase, you must wait for a reply. You must avoid interrupting them with ANY other thoughts at such a critical time. “Would you like me to ship” must enter their ears, then brain, then their heart and that takes time. Sometimes the question will ricochet between their head and heart for several seconds. Let them FEEL that question. Let them answer that question. Stay Silent.

Allow silence.

It’s never really your turn to talk.

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