We have all been there

We had a great bonding. It was clear that they loved the work. It was clear that money was not an issue. It was obvious that they were going to own your art. They seemed on the brink of saying yes and suddenly, they just don’t.

AND…As they walk away…

Your mind is racing. You are genuinely confused. You were SURE that this was a sale about to happen at any moment.

In the E’s of Selling Art System Guidebook, there is a page that I included for just this scenario. And for anyone who has not yet made the small investment, I am treating you to the information on that page. And in the links under the podcast player, you will see a special offer. It’s long overdue that many of you reading this just go ahead and become an owner of the guidebook, don’t ya think?

All is not lost

You can make this work, I promise. Start by grabbing paper and pen. This is likely one of the most valuable episodes you will hear.

The Links as Promised

Purchase your very own E’s of Selling Art System (learn more here) anytime before Wednesday, August 28th and save 15%! Use Code: PODCAST

And here’s the link to “33 Ways to Ask for the Sale – EP 22

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