Being Intentional

Art sales are rarely accidental. A sale will flow from having selfless intentions and the intentional sharing of your artistry. When you show your concern for the viewers of your art, you naturally develop a basic sense of purpose. 

Why does it matter? What matters to them? If you want to connect quickly and gain other people’s trust, it’s imperative to show you care about other people’s needs. Make this your purpose. I call this process “Purposeful Selling” and I devoted an entire chapter to this concept – go read it again!

The Main Focus

When we bring our core intentions into Purposeful Selling within the realm of art sales, it’s truly about wanting the best outcome for your art collectors. When they have the best outcome, you and your art are natural beneficiaries. 

Being intentional and having the “best of intentions” at the micro-level of your interactions will allow you to be your most authentic self. 

And the long term benefits are two-fold: It will increase future repeat sales to your collector and create enthusiastic referrals, too.

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