It’s launched! Yes, this is a series for “Artists” but….

Don’t let that fool you. All small businesses are going to want to pay attention!


Artsy Shark Success Guide to Email Marketing for ArtistsCarolyn Edlund and I have finally launched this amazing e-course. 

It could change your world.

We know that getting sales online is an all-consuming effort. We did a survey and it was clear that marketing remains a big puzzle.

We learned that email marketing was especially elusive. Yet, email marketing is the top method for gaining new customers. Sending out emails on a regular schedule to people who have Voluntarily Signed Up to receive your news and tidbits is the simplest and cheapest way to bring more sales. This is not mass marketing. This is targeted – permission-based marketing.

We also went through dozens of surveys about various online marketing tools and were shocked by what we found!

Did you know that email marketing is more 40 times more effective at gaining customers than Facebook and Twitter Combined?

Did you know that 75% of Facebook pages are outside of the US?

Facebook is used by 56% of US and not all of those are adults.Not all are real: 81 million Facebook profiles are fakes.

91% of US uses email and 58% check it first thing every morning.

Email rocks as a one-to-one communication. It’s the natural place to have a simple nudge into your client or potential clients inbox. With the information you gain from taking the e-course, you will have increased interaction with more targeted messaging and content.

You will, over time, create a deeper relationship that will lead to greater trust. Trust is the all important ingredient for any online sales. Or sales in your brick and mortar shop, too.

As someone who is a fan of my site and My Golden Words, I invite you to use a special code for the rest of this month and save $10 off the already low price of just $47.

The bonus materials alone will be useful for ALL businesses: B2B, B2C and even non-profits wanting to increase donations. It will move the needle.

Use my special code: BETTY (in honor of Betty the 90 year young artist, friend, and mother-in-law)

Then buy the course, learn the stuff, and grow your sales!

 Want to get started with creating emails with my favorite email marketing program?

Sign up here for your 60 days FREE trial!

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