Aloha from Maui,

I finally heard the question too many times: Do you have a Blog? The answer from now on is YES!

As this is my début, this shall also serve as my one and only FORMAL INVITATION. Please join up and together we will all become better business owners. Let me know who you are and what I can do to be of service.

I have no plans to do anything fancy with this information. As it stands, I am still quite (quite!!) busy with my jewelry line and will be very careful to take on more than I can handle outside of that “day job”. But, I really expect to be helpful to your business someday. I am known for my selfless desire to bring good results and often turn away business when I know I might not be the right partner. I will always be serving you to provide the BEST outcome.

It may not be obvious, but I can only help those who trust me. I have plenty of people raving about my value to their businesses and I only want to add to that list of happy clients. This is another reason why I don’t take on any and every project that finds it’s way in my inbox.

So, If you think that you might need my help at ANY time – that you might need a few of “My Golden Words™” (or even a lot of my words!), then I insist that you fill out this contact information. I Insist! (Can you see my finger pointing at you!?)

Again…no worries – it’s just between you and me. If you want immediate help, call me if you are in my time zone – Maui time! Otherwise, check out this clock.

Fill this out in either case – (I am persistent in my insistence!) Scroll past the form for extra reasons to sign up!

What to expect?

My goal is to put up some juicy tidbits of advice from time to time.

Maybe every two weeks or so, I will let loose with some ideas. I might add links to stuff I have found helpful, too. And every once in a while, I hope to be uniquely helpful to my fellow artists and makers with spot on advice. As many already have experienced, I have some short-cuts to getting better at marketing, sales, and building ones business into a stable and rewarding income generator. Of course, my claim to fame is “My Golden Words™”. I can really have a big impact on your marketing materials.

Please spend a few moments to check me out.

I look forward to establishing a long and mutually enriching relationship in the near future.

Gentle Breezes from Maui…


PS: here’s a few of my future blog subjects in no particular order. I  just have to tempt you to stay around:

  • pricing for success.
  • pics that peak interest.
  • craft a successful craft event.
  • begging gets you table scraps.
  • are you still blaming the economy?
  • how much is that doggie in the window?
  • you will want to print this and post it where you will see it everyday.
  • why would you pay extra?

Now do you see why I am insisting that you sign-up? I am gonna wow you!

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