Well, so… this is uniquely starting out and ending up as being a blog all about celebrating me. However, I deserve a pat on the back from time to time, right?

See, here’s the thing. Carolyn Edlund over at Artsy Shark put up the top ten most read and shared posts and there’s my article! She has a huge readership. It’s a huge honor to even be asked to guest post on her blog. This accolade is always unexpected. It’s happened a few times before, but wowza…I did it again this year!

So I decided to cheat a little. Instead of devoting this space to a typical blog post, you can read my post that I wrote for Artsy Shark and then come back here and tell me what you thought. Go read it and the comments, too!

And don’t you cheat yourselves… actually read the post. Yes, it’s quite good! You will thank me.

Do me a favor while you’re considering the guest blog and your possible comments below:

If you agree with her vast base of fans, and you think it’s a great piece of advice, then please share my site and this site’s blogs with your network of friends and other artists. Let’s get the word out. I really can help – as many of you know personally ‘-) I have several posts here that are just as instructive as the one that won a spot on the top ten list.

I need a boost of support from all of you for 2018!

Please share these links: The Art Marketing Blog

And here’s the link to the E’s of Selling Art Blog (Remember that? Might want to review it in case you have some last minute art shows this year. Can’t hurt!)

Okay… that’s it. Like I said, I am cheating. But I will be back in full force with the next blog post. Be prepared! I have some significant stuff to share before this year ends.

Big P.S.

You will surely see the amazing irony in me devoting my energy to getting you to pat me on the back when the very nature of the blog on Artsy Shark heralds a very different attitude! It’s a bit of a chuckle actually.

Let’s see which of you will comment on this ironic twist first.

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