If a rainbow appears and people all around you have their backs turned, you will point and maybe even shout to strangers in the distance, “LOOK! It’s a rainbow!”

Whatever is in our DNA, whatever compels us to share a rainbow, a favorite movie, or beloved restaurant, one thing is certain: we are hopelessly addicted to sharing good things. I call it the sharing gene. It’s an instinct we often cannot control.

However, this natural enthusiasm often becomes deeply dampened when we are presenting our art to a stranger. We don’t always equate the beauty and powerful experience of a rainbow with the beauty and powerful experience we know exists in our art.

This can mean being afraid to show our enthusiasm. We hold back our sharing nature; afraid we might be considered a “pushy salesperson”. In the worst cases, this sometimes leads artists to act aloof or disengaged! Clearly, that is a pendulum that swings too far!

Sharing is Caring

Yes, I know that is trite and overused, but it’s still the truth. If you are genuinely sharing because you genuinely care about your art and the viewer’s enjoyment of your art, you will naturally rise above all the “them vs us” tension in those first few moments together. Just think of your art as a distant and fading rainbow that must be shared now.

And then, the next time someone starts off with “Just Looking!”, give your all to them with a bountiful smile and a twinkle in your eye. Invite them to take their time and commend them for choosing to browse, “You have found a great place to browse. Please know I am happy to answer any questions and please enjoy.”

Then, whatever you do: don’t start reading a book! Remain distant but available until they engage you or they leave. It’s not just about selling your art, it’s also about connecting you and your art to their hearts – even for a fleeting few minutes.



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