Don’t lose sight of your responsiblities

We all have been there. You’re at the end of a three-day art fair and exhausted. Heck, even a one-day event can be exhausting.

You may even have a slightly hoarse voice. Add to that, you just had a long presentation and got really close to selling one of your more expensive pieces to a terrific couple, but alas. No sale. Your feeling somewhat deflated and disappointed and don’t want to go through that again anytime soon.

Your feet hurt, your attention span is stretched thin, and you just want to get home. Then, with under 30 minutes left to go, they enter. You consider how much you have made so far and you are happy – content at least. You see them move in closer and you find yourself wishing they will just browse for a few minutes and leave.

You have hit your limit and barely want to say anything other than hello. You can’t imagine going through another full round of engagement, especially since the last encounter was such an unfruitful ending.

But there they are. They’re drawn to your work and clearly like what they are seeing. They are lingering. They are smiling. One of them turns to you and, with obvious respect and sincerity, says, “Did you do all of this?”


Remember your selling purpose.

You are the conduit to their endless future enjoyment. You can choose to become engaged and enthusiastic about their interest. You can help them browse and encourage them to purchase when they find that perfect piece from your collection. Or you can just sit down and hope they go away.

You hold the key to their happiness. Open the door and let them in. No matter what your mood is, your job is to let everyone one in and when they enter your area, SHIFT: be present!  Be. Here. Now. They are a clean slate.

Each new person you encounter is a fresh set of emotions standing in front of your work. Whether it is the first encounter of the day or last one of the day, if they love your art, they you must stand ready to help them investigate the possibility of a lifetime of happiness.

Open that door wide and give them the best chance to become a collector. Really and truly, why would you consider doing anything else?

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