I hope I still have some followers?

Here I am, telling everyone to do this and do that and market this and market that. And then I keep ignoring this page. Ouch!

So to make up for my lack of communication on this blog, I will start posting my guest posts here. I will drip some of the recent ones over here in the next several weeks. There are a lot of them roaming cyberspace, so I will corral them and alert you when they land here. And there will be more to come in the future, too. I might even try to do more of my own posts here from time to time. No promises, but I am going to try.

See, here’s the deal… (warning: this is basically an excuse you are about to read) …I HAVE been doing a lot of writing lately! I just keep doing it for other people in other situations. I have written or tweaked at least 5 “about me” pages for various businesses so far this month. I have composed and designed and hit send for MANY of my clients in my role as an “email marketing genius”. That’s what they all call me, so I am just passing it on…LOL.

I think I am more of a marketing maniac! Just can’t get enough. And despite my pitiful showing here, I really do love to write!

In fact, I am co-writing an on-line course with the fabulous and very smart Carolyn Edlund of Artsy Shark. She and I are ganging up to do all kinds of crazy and cool things together in the days, weeks, and months ahead. So she has my deep attention and she is getting me to do a fair amount of guest posting on her high-traffic site. It’s pretty hard to hard to say “no” when she has so many (in the 10,000 plus category!) eyes on my posts.

By the WAY: If you are an artist or know an artist, there is NO better place for them to visit than Artsy Shark.  Seriously. Calling all artists: sign up to get her savvy info directly into your inbox!

Back to the on-line course:

Carolyn and I are going to help the entire world and the whole universe (and anyone else that might be left out) to get better at email marketing. The course is geared to HER core audience – artists. She has tapped me to help with this because, like her, I have over 2 decades of experience with my own art business. However, I have additional knowledge that is useful: I also have almost two decades of experience with email marketing for that business. I have also taken extra training for my role as an Authorized Local Expert with Constant Contact. So, I bring some specialized knowledge to this project.

We are so excited to put our combined knowledge into this course. It  will be released in about 6 weeks! It is geared towards the “special” needs of artists. However, it will give you great insights into email marketing no matter WHAT your industry is and whatever your product or service might be.

Here’s a small preview of some of the interesting facts about emailing in general:  DID YOU KNOW that email marketing is 40 times more effective at getting customers (customers – people who buy things!) then Facebook and Twitter combined? Yes! That’s from a well-respected study that was released this past January. The study was completed BEFORE Facebook changed its policies (again) and changed its algorithms. Did you know about this change? Did you know that you need to pay to notify more than 2 – 4% of your followers. Some people are seeing only a 1% rate of notifications! Yikes!

Anyway – I am truly excited to be in the thick of the email marketing upswing! And happy to share some of “My Golden Words” that are hanging out on Artsy Shark.

Let’s start with the most recent: “Put Your Business Cards Away!”

Yes… put them away!


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