You know for a fact that you make a deep and everlasting impression on your collectors.

You know they have a moment of complete surrender to the good feelings that your work generates each time they connect again; when they put on that hand-woven scarf, careful to position it just so around their neck to show off your artistry; when they fill your hand-thrown ceramic bowls with their favorite soup recipe to bring to their dinner guests – each bowl ever so slightly different from one another.

They share with you that they are a bit awestruck as they enter their bedroom and see your painting above their bed or when they walk into their garden and see your sculpture near their favorite chair. Each of you reading this have changed someone’s life forever.

Even that simple little $5 dollar art stamp they ceremoniously push into ink and press onto their envelopes brings them a moment of pure artfulness and gives them a sense of connectedness and humanity. Just for a moment.

They love having your art in their lives. You know this is true because they say this to you whenever they have a chance. They email you or you see them at another event and the first thing they say is how much they love your art. They say it out loud, “We love your work”.

Don’t ignore how important you and your art are to the rest of the world. Make it your mission to find homes for your art.

Share – OUT LOUD! – the testimonials you receive so that others can be inspired to be inspired by your art.


Does this warm your spirit?

Please share in the comments. I know you have some wonderful stories to tell about your collectors. Share so you can be an inspiration to our art community!

The E's of Selling Art System keeps this mood alive everyday.

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