Now, just hear me out: As you start to listen to this podcast and before you judge this podcast as a waste of time, I want you to know that I am planning on creating a natural high for everyone who listens to this episode. And I think you want to get a little high don’t ya?

Yep! I am going to get you high. And, even better, I am going to explain how you can control that high and make other people high, too. And, how all of this leads to more sales. I know you want to find more loving homes for your art, so just take 9 mins to listen right now.

And it all starts with puppies, kittens, and even babies. I dare you not to smile!

making you smile and making you high

NEWS: I got another review on iTunes! Thanks so much.

And if ever there was a good episode to share, this must be it! Enjoy, share, and by all means, practice getting other people high today!

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