Are you dampening your sales by (accidentally) dampening your empathy?

As many of you reading this already know, empathy is the foundation of selling anything and everything. Aside from how valuable your empathy is during a presentation of your art, without empathy in our everyday lives, this would be a very odd world to live in.

Empathy is the glue that binds society in general. It’s vital to civility and fosters generosity and compassion. Without empathy, we would be a lifeless zombie nation. So it’s mildly concerning to read recent, well-respected, studies that suggest we may be living in a less empathic world today.

According to researchers, a common over-the-counter drug deeply dampens our ability to empathize. An estimated 23% of all US adults consume this drug during an average week. (OMG! Is this the actual zombie apocalypse? LOL)

So why am I sounding the alarm? What does this have to do with your ability to Find Loving Homes for Your Art? If you are taking this drug, it could be killing your sales.

Here’s the real conundrum

There is no way to know if you have a lowered empathic response. Think about it. How could you know if you are feeling less empathetic? Just that fact alone requires us to rethink if this is the right drug to take before a show or event. Or before that first date!

So listen up! Because your art deserves an empathetically engaged and connected spirit in order to find those loving homes and recognize and empathize with those deserving collectors.

I look forward to your comments! See links below the player for more in-depth information.


Article published in the National Institutes of Health (2016) – the effect on empathy response to painful or negative scenarios.

Article published in the Frontiers in Psychology (2019) – the effect on empathy response on positive or uplifting scenarios.

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