They can’t put it into words. They stand quietly next to a piece of your art and turn and say something very unextraordinary. They don’t have the words. Don’t judge them by their lack of words or inarticulate mumblings. They are caught up in some unfamiliar feelings.

When you have moved someone, to their core, you often have by-passed their logic center where most sentence construction is formed. In addition to that barrier, they have never seen anything like your work before. Something different is going on here.

Don’t mess with this part of their brain at this critical moment

Seriously. Something really different is going on and they need to take it all in. It’s art. It’s not a set of towels.

Furthermore, it’s your art. Art that you have created from your vast imagination and unique point of view. Whatever you create, whether you are a painter, a sculptor, a ceramist, or jewelry artist, you have your own style. They need to acclimate to your oeuvre, your artistry, style, and palette of emotions.

It’s from your core. And it is striking them at their core.

It’s time to up your empathy

Imagine what someone is feeling when seeing your collection for the first time? Now, drill down deeper and imagine the effects that each piece in your collection might have on first-time viewers. And then, rethink your “ideas” about those first conversations, those first remarks, and those first emotions that you and a potential buyer experience together.

How long did it take you to find the vision to create this piece? How long have you viewed your finished art piece what have you learned about its idiosyncrasies? What are you still discovering from comments made by viewers and your continued observations?

Let them fall in love at their own pace. This is not a time to tell them what they “should” experience. This is the time to let them feel (and hopefully share) what they are actually experiencing. This could be a sale today or tomorrow or next year.

But! If they feel that you don’t care about what is important to them, it’s unlikely there will ever be a sale. They will take your card and “be back” having never fully connected to you or to your art.

I love bringing these posts to you every other week.

And I have no plans to stop anytime soon.

But I do have another trick up my sleeve to help you find more homes for your art!


Free Courses are being developed for the artists community

Soon, I will be sending out a more formal invitation to join me online for a myriad of valuable courses. But the invitation for the Exclusive Charter Members will only go to those of you who are signed-up. Click here to make sure you get your private invitation.

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