We all have some degree of implicit bias that dictates our thinking about others – good and bad. Implicit is, by definition, an underlying “inherent” belief. And as such, it is often unidentified. It can be deeply rooted in a lifetime of associations that have developed into a model in our minds.

It can also affect our thinking after years (or too many weekends in a row) of doing Art events. We often “unwittingly” categorize certain people as unlikely to buy. They are too young, too old, too shiny, or too dull. We then decide that “those” people never buy. It becomes your implicit bias. Eventually, it can become an unconscious belief that affects your attitude and actions.

Even worse, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. You don’t engage. They don’t buy. 

You continue to grow your (entirely unscientific) statistical proof that Those people never buy.  And every time they walk away without buying, you “pride” yourself on having identified them properly. At the very least, you don’t feel like a loser who didn’t get a sale. How could you? “They” don’t buy Art.

Avoid this unproductive self-fulfilling prophecy

If you have read the E’s of Selling Art Guidebook or have been reading these blog posts, you know that selling your Art is a responsibility. You owe it to your Art and to your Art collectors to find homes for everything you create. When you are at an Art Fair or other event and engaging with the public, you have only one job: bring more Art into the lives of others so that they can have a lifetime of joy as they engage forever with your creative soul.

You cannot assume (read this post) anyone is not a buyer. But more importantly, you cannot assume that your art is not worthy of at least some consideration whenever someone stops and begins to engage with you. No matter how incidental the contact might be, it is better to fully engage as though they might buy from you someday.

Rehearsing Has Benefits

The worst-case-scenario is they leave feeling like you have some interest in them and passion about your chosen art form. And as a bonus, you have had a chance to practice your engagement skills. You have spent more time in Intentional Sharing. You have experienced your own sense of Purposeful Selling. And – for those who really struggle to “ask for the sale” – you can encourage them to purchase. It’s a “free throw” so take the shot!

You might also be the gateway to a lifetime of collecting for someone who had never had the experience of a full and authentic engagement with an artist. Think about your potential impact if you take someone who is just vaguely interested (and maybe a bit intimidated) and help them buy their first piece of original Art.

It doesn’t get any better than that. So! Go out and be an Art ambassador to everyone and change some lives forever!

I love bringing these posts to you every other week.

And I have no plans to stop anytime soon.

But I do have another trick up my sleeve to help you find more homes for your art!


Free Courses are being developed for the artists community

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