So they say, “I need to think about it”. And, of course, this is a BIG moment, right? You know all too well, that be-backs are a rare phenomenon. Essentially, you should consider this a lost sale if they actually walk away. Don’t count chickens that will rarely hatch.

(If you have the guidebook, review the 13-step departure list when you finish reading this post!)

So…What are they really saying?

What are they thinking about and what should YOU be thinking about when they say they need to think about it? What’s the first question that should come to mind?

Aren’t you curious? You should be curious! What exactly do they need to think about? What’s not feeling complete? What is holding them back? What is worrying them?

Get out a piece of paper and write down some answers to the following question: What can I say or do to help them think about it now and keep them from leaving? (Don’t cheat. Leave your Guidebook closed!)

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Is this hard?

It can be, but not if you are totally devoted to their needs. It’s all about them, remember? Their needs and their needs only. If you are completely convinced that this is something they can afford and is something that they really deserve to own, then it’s easier than you realize. If they already have a spot picked out in their home and you believe, deep down, that your art will be a lifetime of joy and bring them countless good feelings, then you can make this happen now. 

It’s not about pressuring anyone to do anything. Review your “Selling Purpose”. It’s not about closing a sale. It’s making sure that you have been the proper partner, the caring friend, the artist who wants to #findhomesforart and make a difference in people’s lives. Every day and forever. It’s sharing that rainbow – a rainbow that never fades. It’s all about love. (Can’t say that enough!)

And if they leave without purchasing, you at least know what they need to think about, because you showed that you care about them and they in turn now care about you.

And oh… by the way….Please don’t even bother to think about any of this if you have your business cards sitting out. Here’s a guest post I did for Artsy Shark on this very topic. “Put Your Business Cards Away  This made the top ten list on Artsy Shark for 2014!  It’s still a big draw on Carolyn’s site. Read the comments, too.

Speaking of comments, does anyone want to share a story or idea about “thinking about it”? Even after you do hand over the card, there is still plenty of time for this collector to follow their dreams and say yes to your art, right?

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