I pass this spot next to a fast-moving highway quite often and always wonder: How did this happen? How did the bee keeper come to discover there were bees here? Who considers using a ladder to secure a bee colony? What was the bee keeper doing on that fateful day? I see him once in a while at his main hive “camp” several hundred yards away. He has 3 or 4 dozen hives there – plenty to keep him busy, I’m sure.

Was he just strolling along the highway one day and voilà!? Seriously, it is a busy 4 lane highway just 30 feet away from where I shot this picture. I was nervous just getting out of my car. Who takes a stroll along a highway on a search for wild swarms of bees?

Why would he pursue such a complex arrangement when he has dozens of neatly stacked hives requiring very little effort to care for?  Why risk falling off a ladder just for a few more jars of honey?

And then, I realized that this is what I have been doing for years. I find myself looking for people I can help and ways to help small business owners in every conversation and engagement. I learned decades ago that growing a business sometimes requires reaching out in unique ways. I have ladders placed all around my life, my business, and my client’s businesses, too.

I can’t begin to express to each of you reading this just how important it is to reach higher than you ever think is possible (or necessary). If we think outside the box and really focus on the goals and think BIG – the sky’s the limit. We cannot reach our goals without occasionally taking a walk where it seems most unlikely – even dangerous – when we are building our businesses.

We must always be observing the entire landscape for opportunities. Check those crevices, too. And, yes…. we sometimes need to raise a ladder to reach the full potential of those opportunities.

Occasionally, we all need to look away from the ubiquitous screens we all have in our lives. Look “up, up, and AWAY!” from time to time. In fact, maybe you should consider using a ladder for a truly different perspective? And if you can find someone who can help you steady the ladder, creating a secure path to new opportunities – all the better.

I have lots of ladders to share and a strong foundation to lean against. So if you think you have an opportunity, but are not sure how to “capture” the best results, feel free to contact me anytime.

But whatever you do, take a walk on the wild side once in a while. And bring a ladder.







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