Hopefully, most of you reading this know exactly how to fill in the blank. It’s the last card in the awe-inspiring set of “flash cards” that came with your guidebook. It’s how I end every in-person seminar. It’s how I get my mojo up and running most mornings and it’s how I am able to write a new article every week.

What can you focus on right now that will help you find more homes for your art?

What do you need to focus on – RIGHT now? What one thing can you focus on, right now, to really move your business forward? ONE thing! Just focus on ONE thing at a time for one day (or even just one hour) and see what you can accomplish.

Is it a skill you need to learn or practice and get better at or is an application to a really great art fair that you need to fill out? Is it your artist statement that you have been avoiding, but you know needs serious re-writing? Is it a new technique you know will make your art better or more profitable?

And what about that website? Is it getting any sales? Is it getting any traffic? (Do you know how to discover if you are getting any traffic?)

Oh yes…, I know what you are thinking. Yes…this can be a big and never-ending list indeed, but here’s the deal:

Whatever You Focus On E X P A N D S....! So focus on this checklist and find homes for your art. Click To Tweet

Here’s your checklist (ignore this if you are already focusing on success):

  • Look deeply at your fears and ask yourself: What am I REALLY afraid of? (Close this browser and turn off your phone if that’s what it takes to fully and authentically answer this question.)
  • Now that you are being honest with yourself, ask yourself: Why am I afraid to own my fears and face them head-on?
  • And then: what is failure?
  • And then: why does it matter?

Why would you focus on anything that will keep you from success?

Think of all the collectors who have purchased from you. Would they support your fears? Think of all the times that people have complimented your work. Would they even believe you have any fears?

While that is quite the assignment, I have an even stronger suggestion. Write this down and read it out loud until you really believe it to your core:

 Whatever I focus on E X P A N D S

So…I will Focus on LOVE!

I will Focus on Sharing the Abundant LOVE that is in my creative core and my art.

I will LOVE My Admirer’s and Collectors because they LOVE my art.

I will Find More Homes for My Art so my LOVE spreads to more hearts.


Never underestimate the power of your creative spirit. Never forget what it means to you when you pick up that favorite hand-thrown ceramic mug, put on that exquisitely designed necklace, or walk past an oil painting or another piece of art in your home.

Those almost imperceptible feelings of gratitude mixed with an elevated sense of your artful core are what is felt by EVERY soul who connects with any art object. THAT is what you are “selling”.

Your art is the catalyst. You are the conduit.

Therefore, you must never forget the responsibility you have as an artist to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and transport your collectors towards that elusive, but an undeniably profound experience of connecting to art.

In this case – it is YOUR art creating that profound experience. For a lifetime of ownership.

What steps are you going to take? What are you going to focus on going forward? Let me know in the comments, please.

Let’s create a community check-list for all to see!

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